Ute Beauty Budget Tax Breaks for Tradies

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Recent survey revealed that Scummo the ‘Big Boy’ was more popular with the blokes … recall that Howard had his Tradies … and Scummo again follows suit …

Morrison Government has given tax breaks worth $18Bn for utes and machinery. That’s 10 times the childcare relief announcement which doesn’t start until 2022

$17.7 billion over 5 years for aged care. $3.5billion a year: 1/3 of what the RC found had been CUT over the last 25 years and less than half of its recommended funding boost.

Also: half of the annual cost of #FrankingCredits being paid to non-taxpayers.

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Money for toys for the boys, with some crumbs for women and children #Budget2021

So tradie welfare more important than our elderly. How good are tradies?

AND what’s more important?

There has been an emphasis over many years now on developing Australia’s capabilities’ in innovation and technology … to turn us into a ‘Smart Nation’ …off loading manufacturing, giving up on skilled hands on based working jobs and looking to CHINA.

Importing Skilled workers instead … ‘As required’.. Well, it has backfired big time. Now we are desperate. The Morrison Government cut $325.8 million from vocational funding in its agenda to deprioritise TAFE.

Since being in government the Federal Coalition has overseen 140,000 fewer apprentices now than when it was elected, and cut $3 billion from vocational education funding.

Now In times of PANDEMIC imposed upon us by the very nation we relied on even with the plethora of visas and purpose 457’s in the past usually from CHINA we are left to hang dry. We hopelessly turned to the tertiary sector rivers of gold Universities to drive so called ‘Smart’ Jobs …

Well that certainly wasn’t smart was it….

AND this from Samantha Maiden!

Samantha Maiden


ScoMo’s ‘family friendly’ budget smashed – new analysis claims 92 per cent better off under Labor’s policy https://news.com.au/finance/economy/federal-budget/scott-morrisons-family-friendly-budget-lashed-by-new-analysis/news-story/5c0a83d520198981444b5af6a40659af#.csyg2… via




RBA Governor Philip Lowe has said that low wages threaten economic growth and that workers’ incomes need to rise. Why haven’t they? because the #LibsLoveLowWages

SO tradies, is your welfare more important than your granny and grandpa?  Than ensuring your Trades with more Aussie Apprenticeships? How good are you?