Sydney House Prices over March soared to $1,309,195

6 Julie Street, Marsfield fetched an extra million dollars when it sold for the second time within five months.
6 Julie Street, Marsfield fetched an extra million dollars when it sold for the second time within five months. Photo: Belle Property Ryde

Sydney house prices soared to a new record of $1,309,195 after jumping $103,000

over the MARCH quarter, or 8.5 per cent.


This is the fastest quarterly acceleration of house prices since Domain records began in 1993.

This has pushed annual house price gains into double digit percentage growth, making it the steepest increase since the lead up to the previous price peak in mid-2017, at 12.6 per cent.  …

All Sydney regions have hit record high house prices.          

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HOWEVER, for those who sold during 2020 and were looking for another home … found that at 1 February 2021 house prices mysteriously jumped $200,000 or more from December 2020 …

-now priced out of their communities across Sydney

HOW was this FECK-UP cooked up?

-ultra-low home loan rates

-government incentives … a boon to the property mates

-high household savings (and the Bank of Mum and Dad … some even going guarantor … whereby they could lose the lot down the track)

-money laundering in real estate continues

IS the Morrison government doing its bit to promote Australia as a safe haven for laundered money and the proceeds of corruption?  With Australian real estate a prime market for hiding dirty money

AND now that it appears that … housing has reached the point where rising prices and falling affordability have met?

HAVE buyers in fact been set up? … cough … cough …

Michael Pascoe: The federal government doesn’t care at all about the Housing Crisis

HOW likely this is the case when the Property Sector has such a cosy connection with those at the top? Even down to policy writing?

IS there a possibility of another Agenda here?

MORE on this to follow …

SYDNEY Property Owners test market with ‘unrealistic’ prices[2021%2F04%2F27]%20Newsletter_Weekly_27042021&fbclid=IwAR0Qa0ysln3kDKWkXuCPZdpqmabUClUtRBxvXV2QL5ivuTpfpZPSTlbMkKg

-much of the current housing market stock less than $2M is of pooor quality with ridiculous price tags

.with plastic cladding, termite damage, rat infestations, leaky roof, drainage issues, damp, mould, shaky foundations, ancient kitchens and bathrooms, and not even a coat of paint!

-many going to auction in 2 or 3 week campaigns