‘Move to More’ Regions Marketing for more Homeless!

APART from Millennials rush to the bush to find affordable housing

SCOMO GOVT with No Fair Go for HOUSING … did they create the FOMO?  Through low interest rates … many borrow a lot more … and an influx of investors …. pushing up house priceseven more!

With demand greater than supply …

The Feds now have another campaign run by the Regional Australia Institute (the RAI) to entice City people to move to the Regions … where housing is already unaffordable for many to now jack it up more!

HOMELESSNESS is increasing in the mainland regions and in Tasmania …

IT’S so bad in Byron that Deputy Mayor Michael Lyon lodged a motion for the next Council meeting on 25 March about the ‘Housing Crisis’!!  He is seeking support from other councils for the State Government to address this!

Byron Bay, one of NSW’s 11 “most searched” regions on the ‘Move to More’ website where the median house price rose 37% last year!

-some regions have a rental vacancy rate of 1.5% , 1%, or less!

DO our pollies think things through?  With city people earning higher incomes to price country people out of their homes!