HOW good’s a Budget Surplus?

Q. HOW good’s a budget surplus? 

IT’s a situation in which the federal government is sucking more money out of the community, via taxation, than it is spending into the community (infrastructure)

AND …  it slows the economy down — by taking spending power away from households and businesses   

Q. What contributed to Wage Stagnation between 2013 and 2019?  (The Dog Days) 

Australia’s immigration policy!  Our population swelled by 35% from 19M to 25.6M in 20 years!

Prof Garnaut recommended a return to Permanent Migration and a focus on education and skills with a net migration of around 0.5% of the population per year

What it would seem was overlooked … that these Visa workers are paid ‘non-Award Wages’ …

    AND … note in the Dog Days top executive and business incomes were rising rapidly


If you’ve been feeling poorer over the last decade, this graph explains why

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