What is happening to Our Families who can’t Afford soaring Home Prices?

CAAN Photo: A proxy messaging clients

IT is not isolated to Sydney … it is happening in other capital cities and in our Regions too!

View this report:

‘What happens to Byron Bay locals who can’t afford the soaring property prices?’

This young mother has not been able to find a suitable affordable rental in Byron Bay or surrounds since Christmas having rented this home for ten years for her family

Her home is going to the market …

A CAAN commentator wrote in response:

‘This problem is playing out all over Melbourne and I find many of my friends oblivious or seemingly not interested at all.

The bottom line is fewer young Aussies now aspire to own their own home as priced out!’

And another commentator talks of the consequences …

‘They end up permanently camping! A new generation of trailer living.’

HOW come Australians have accepted this?  Seriously!

HAVE we no spirit whatsoever? Are we so self absorbed? Or dumb?

THIS current cooked Housing Market as reported on ABC NEWS today, 1 March 2021,

that the property market was skewed in part due to low stock levels. 

That said, record low interest rates, government subsidies and more relaxed lending has meant prices have gone up a lot as much as $300,000 or even more above the Guide across the market, and demand has increased equally.

Buyers are being conned … almost every property is going to ‘auction’ where this is played out!

And there is only one successful bidder … go along to an auction and see the sad faces of those who lost out! Only one bidder among as many as 50 in attendance …

Perhaps buyers ought get together and demand ‘Private Treaty’ sales? Why not send a petition to MPs?

And demand that when properties are put on the market that they at least be maintained ensuring that the guttering does not leak, tapware is new, and the home painted inside!

And at CAAN we have received reports of the Onshore Proxy returning to ‘Open Home’ inspections and auctions … as many as three or four seen at these events.  They are there with their Apple iPhone messaging clients; taking photos; now targeting ‘knock-down’ jobs for that ‘new home’ perhaps?

Could this Proxy involvement alone conceal the actual numbers of foreign buyers esp. from China, Hong Kong and Singapore? 

According to recent data from REA Group’s latest report supports the view that Chinese buyers have abandoned Australia, but we raise the possibility with the Onshore Proxy the real numbers are not seen!

Maybe the REA Group … the NAB and others would like you to think that the Chinese have abandoned Australia? Hm?

Proxy buyers are readily available to bid for overseas buyers who can find our real estate on Juwai dot com, and through Real Estate Agents websites and WeChat …

WHY is this still happening despite COVID-19? 

Hong Kong buyers fleeing the island are focusing on the United Kingdom where reports have emerged that they are buying up rental properties, and here in Australia.

Those from the Middle Kingdom and Singapore are seeking to join their families and friends … because ‘they love Australia … even more than we do’ … FFS!

With the vaccine … the push is on for international students and investors to return …

UNLIKE Sydney, Melbourne has the capacity to increase its supply to the west and south west of the city.

SYDNEY is running out of space, hence prices are up and up.

SO how is it acceptable for overseas buyers to buy up our residential property?  Ask your local MPs why the FIRB ruling is still in place if it is not to benefit the gatekeepers?

Hence prices are up and up!

IF this is not impacting your family … it will impact their children whilever Australians say and do nothing about price surges of $300,000 or more … and the Foreign Investment Review Board ruling is in place that allows the Property Sector to sell 100% of ‘new homes’ overseas together with Visa manipulation and money laundering awash in our Real Estate!

WHY not make your objection known to your local MPs (both State and Federal) concerning the exemption granted to the Real Estate Gatekeepers (Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, Conveyancers and Accountants) to the second tranche of the Anti-Money Laundering Laws by the Scomo Government in October 2018?

CAAN Photo another proxy pulled up in a Merc