It now emerges NBN could have cost $10Bn less!

‘Commercial-in-confidence’ … when did this first appear?  Isn’t that contrary to running an open and transparent government?

HOW convenient to pull this one out?

The GALL of the LNP …

-a 2013 strategic review into the NBN censored the savings estimates; have remained commercial-in-confidence

.the NBN Co and the federal government have kept secret for almost eight years

.Australia has been left with a second-rate network

The unredacted documents indicate ‘a full fibre network’ could have been $10Bn cheaper than that claimed by the LNP Coalition

IT APPEARS that no matter how good projects/infrastructure/services are … the LNP both Federally and in NSW in particular have an Agenda to pull everything apart, and/or to sell off  …

IT would be interesting to learn of the extent of politicians share portfolios … and benefits …


‘Secret figures show full Fibre NBN may have cost $10 Billion less than claimed’