The Blokey Kulcha and their Hero Tones …

The event was the first major fundraiser ahead of a Liberal Party bid to win back Warringah.

The blokey Kulcha in Australia

IF ever there were ‘a Pointer’ about the LNP Coalition … here it is

The Libs held one of their first fundraisers at the Mosman Club on Friday night, 19th February … to win back the seat of Warringah, and who was there, do you think?

Yes, ‘the Mad Monk’ … from whence, it appears, much of the damage to this Nation originated …

Was TA the instigator of ‘the Kulcha’, the LIEBRAL BOOFEY BLOKE KULCHA?

TA was known for his three word slogans!

‘AXE THE TAX’ … The Carbon Tax, and hence where we are now in a perilous position with Climate Change

‘STOP THE BOATS‘ … to stop most of those fleeing from war torn nations, and persecution to seek asylum in Australia. For the small number that gained approval as refugees they were limited to temporary visas.

In contrast the Chinese were invited to invest in Australian Tertiary Education, and buy up our Real Estate locking out Australians with Black Cash!  And to gain ‘Permanent Residency’! This began during the Howard Government with “Flexible Citizenship’ for Middle Class Chinese.

Daily Abbott taunted Prime Minister Gillard with his ‘Captain’s calls’ … thankfully ministerial scandals damaged its leadership …

AND typical of this ‘blokey kulcha’ there was a long line of them queuing up on Friday night for an $80 two-course dinner at the Mosman Club to rub shoulders with TA and their like boofey mates …

HOW good’s that?  How clever … hm?


THE BLOKEY KULCHA of sloganeering has grown even more with Scomo  … so much so some of us want to puke …

Like with ‘a fair go for those who have a go’

BUT what does SCOMO really mean?

Apparently what Scomo means is that ‘the fair go pertains if you do something, and don’t seek to take a contribution.’

Really what about the philosophy of the LNP about making a motza … and TAX avoidance?

So to distract the audience from what is really going on, constant reference is made to ‘conniving welfare cheats and dole bludgers’ …

HOW TOXIC is that Kulcha?