On the Kulcha in Austraya

May be an image of 2 people and text that says '"They're on to us" "The people are waking up Gladys, I don't know how much longer we can masquerade as their saviours" "Scott, the Media Complex will keep the myth alive and people scared long you keep pouring money into the media coffers with useless public service announcements about masks and hand washing etc. That will buy more time."'

CAAN Photo from the Inner City

ON THE KULCHA IN AUSTRALIA …  @ 21 February 2021

SHOULD WE BE ‘Under New Management?  Seriously …


From Janine:

I live in a country where women are paid 20% less than men I live in a country where women represent 30% of Govt I live in a country where 18% of CEO’s are women. I live in a country where the elected Govt. conspires to coverup the rape of women – I LIVE IN AUSTRALIA ….

From Sarah:

On Monday, a student disclosed to me that she hadn’t eaten for 36 hours. She was so ashamed, but so hungry she was in tears. She said Dad left & Mum couldn’t afford food and the bills. I gave her my lunch. This is the life of a teacher. This is Australia. #aussieEd #auspol

From 9 NEWS:

Teachers should be paid more and have more time away from class to prepare lessons. That’s the finding of an independent inquiry, which concluded that teachers are enduring unsustainable workloads.

From Helen:

In a week when the Family Court is abolished, when we remember Hannah and her 3 children who were burned to death, when a serious crime against a young woman happened in our Parliament and it was covered up. Can anyone join the dots other than me

From Dr Sheep Person:

Every journalist who is now working to “humanise” Morrison is part of the problem. Every single one.

CAAN:  However, the journalists are under the direction of their Masters … the donors and supporters of the LNP Coalition …

From Gary:

I find it more than a little hypocritical the Liberal Party claims to be the party of “law and order” yet happily seems to cover up crimes ….

From Kelly:

CAAN:  And this is before the Cut to JobSeeker!

I’ve got $8 to my name. If you don’t laugh you cry. I’m laughing. I’m ok btw. Not asking just expressing a minor anxiety. I don’t have a mortgage, I don’t have children (1 dog actually and she’s beautiful) so I’ll be ok. But fark lol

From Paul:

CAAN:  And how many of you bought the B.S. from Tone’s mouth?

The more time rolls on, the more I realise I didn’t appreciate at the time how good Gillard was as PM #auspol

From Senator Rex Patrick:

So, Mr Gaetjens,

@ScottMorrisonMP’s former political Chief of Staff, will conduct an investigation into who knew what inside the Prime Minister’s Office, just as he did for #SportsRorts. #PubTestFail #auspol

CAAN:  And search our Website for more about Gaetjens, the Foreign Investment Review Board (the FIRB) and why it is FHBs particularly have been locked out of Home Ownership in Austraya …

AND … why were the Real Estate Gatekeepers made exempt from the Anti-Money Laundering Laws by the Scomo Govt in October 2018?

SEARCH: https://caanhousinginequalitywithaussieslockedout.wordpress.com/

Revd Andrew Klein (Chaplain):

What ever happened to the no bonking rule in Canberra?