From those whose Reports are telling us How it is!


On the unemployed and underemployed … from Michael Pascoe …


Hence the constant lobbying of government to get temporary work visas going again and reduce welfare to force unemployed and underemployed people to be compliant, never mind 100 per cent effective tax rates.

Pick up an Australian Financial Review and it’s not hard to find first paragraphs like this one: “Job seekers taking advantage of the welfare system and foreign workers restricted from rolling over their visas have created major difficulties for employers desperate to hire workers.”


More about Brittany’s push for justice; that the perpetrator face the full force of the law  …


Greens senator Larissa Waters is not satisfied by an internal review into the text messages, and will push for a public inquiry into the alleged rape and response when parliament resumes next week.

“We need an independent review, which has public findings,” she said.


‘Yesterday, she (Brittany) announced she had “re-engaged” with the Australian Federal Police (AFP), pressing ahead with a formal complaint and asking them to undertake a “comprehensive” investigation to ensure her alleged perpetrator faced the “the full force of the law.”

The second woman, who has not been identified, has told The Weekend Australian newspaper she is also a former Liberals staffer.

She alleges the man raped her last year, after the pair had dinner and drinks.

She has told the newspaper she has come forward to help Ms Higgins shine a light on the culture in Federal Parliament, and suggested her assault may never have happened if Ms Higgins had been properly supported in 2019.’

‘The Culture’, it would seem, is all about $$, business, and winning … no matter at what cost to others, to the constituency … through rorts, political donations including those from foreigners …

Could ‘the Culture’ be the underlying problem?


Why is Sydney’s Property Market running so hot?

We have heard and read numerous reports about low interest rates, First Home Buyers entering the market taking up government grants

AND the short supply

BUT what we are not hearing about  … is the growing presence again of the ‘Onshore PROXY’ on the mobile updating their Hong Kong buyers … that would seem to be where a lot of competition is coming from and hence the inflated housing prices … beyond the means of our First Home Buyers and other Aussie buyers!!!  FFS!

WHY?  Because they can … the Smirko grubment exempted the real estate gatekeepers from Anti-Money Laundering Laws back in October 2018

IF SM was really concerned about ‘the Australian People’ one would figure he would put a stop to this! Just as readily … or is there more to this story?

Could it be that the Donors demands have to be met … for more housing … even more housing … to bring back Visa Workers … Skilled Workers … to buy ever more housing … as Aussie Buyers are Outbid …

And we become unemployed or underemployed …

SO what are you going to do?  Are you going to vote them back in?  Is that what you want? A guvmnt with no moral compass?  In all that they do??


‘Autumn traditionally out ranks spring as the biggest selling season of the year, with March its busiest month. But overall listings are down 12 per cent on the same time last year, according to CoreLogic who calculate there are 16,000 listings across Sydney.

Some 6000 fresh listings were added over the last month, which is down seasonally by around 2 per cent.’