WHY Can’t We Australians Hold Our Parties … Our Pollies to Account?

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Photo: John Hollad and WestConnex Lilyfield Road Rozelle Interchange

HAVE you noticed that when in a conversation that sometimes if one is to question what is happening in Australia concerning policies, projects, the Ministers, or MPs that LNP supporters will retort with an allegation like this from Greg Hunt …

‘When Rowland pressed the point that taxpayers paid for the vaccines, Hunt attacked his motives again.

‘I know this is an issue for you. In many ways, you identify with the left,’ Hunt said.

“No, no, minister, I find that offensive,” Rowland responded.

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That the same Party supporters will label one, and go so far as to say ‘You’re a Communist!’

SHOULD one be equally rude and retort with “Does that make you a Fascist?’

WHY can’t we Voters hold our Government to account?

WHICH Party appears to have been in, or under the beds MORE with the Reds?

COULD it be that many of the same people who retort with such a slur just so happen to have shares, portfolios in JOHN HOLLAND?

AS they prosper at the expense of Australian workers who find themselves en route of one of the all too numerous tentacles of WestCON X now crisscrossing Sydney … these same workers supporting industry on the lowest wages for almost a decade …

IS that thanks to ‘the Fascists’ OR are they too ‘Commies’?


‘Leighton sells John Holland in $1.15B Deal’


Key Points … CCCC after acquiring Australia’s defence projects construction company …

-CCCC, the first big Chinese group to build Australian roads and bridges

-to get a foothold in multi-billion dollar infrastructure projects

-CCCC has taken over tunnels and stations for North West Rail Link, Perth’s Children’s Hospital, Victoria’s regional rail link

-the deal followed the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with China;  allows Chinese Visa Workers to build projects in Australia

-Leighton released details of Mr Fernandez Verdes’ pay package after the Spaniard replaced Hamish Tyrwhitt as CEO

RELATED ARTICLE:  ‘Liberated by the Chinese John Holland blossoms under CCCC Ownership’

When John Holland Chief Executive Joe Barr walked into the boardroom of Canadian Construction Group AECON in November, he faced 40 anxious people in suits.  AECON had just been acquired by China Communications Construction Company (CCC) – the same Chinese Group that had paid $1.15 Billion to buy John Holland two years earlier.  (Paywall)


The CCCC, A China State-owned company having acquired JOHN HOLLAND are building in these areas in Australia …

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NOW … it appears we have more foreign interference in Australia!