Despite the Evidence of Norway’s Smart Economy …

AND many of us are aware that the Australian economy has become too dependent on population growth at the expense of a focus on productivity.  Bob Carr has warned of this no doubt in response to what is again emerging.

Search for this article ‘Less is More for a Smarter Economy’ published in ‘The Australian’ 21 December 2020 yet not shared on the Facebook of ‘The Australian’ … hm …

However, following on 22 December three advocates for high immigration were interviewed in this article also in The Australian, ‘Australia needs a policy refresh to support higher fertility’ … and shared on The Oz Facebook … hm …

Dr Liz Allen

Dr Shane Geha

Prof Peter McDonald

SEARCH CAAN Website to learn more about them!

Why do such media outlets seem to favour this trio?

What is all this about?  Hm?

Is it highrise?  The talk is that SydneySiders are moving out of apartment living in Sydney, and have found that they are now paying less off a loan on a house.  For some it is less than they were paying in rent! 

And apartments have fallen out of favour with all the bad press about defective developments and the fear of towers toppling let alone those built on toxic sites … 

And now with COVID-19 they resented being locked in these cellsare HT and UT mates trying to keep a lid on this?

This it seems came about when people were working from home 2 – 3 days a week, and were prepared to commute the other days.

Unfortunately for FHBs due to the increased competition for housing outside of Sydney it too has become more expensive in the last few months

It is all in the Maths, with most loans based on a 10% deposit.  If an apartment is costing $800K (or more)  then buyers need $80K + legals + stamp duty etc.

Whereas a home away from Sydney costs $600K, $60K for the deposit plus the other costs.  And apartments cost about the same as the houses outside of Sydney, or a little more expensive in more desirable areas.

Looks like the Morrison Government and Berejiklian Government are busting to get all 29,000 Aussies home so that they will then bring in the migrants (foreign buyers) with HT and his mates starting to feel the pressure from the demand for highrise having fallen;  rents have fallen …

Harry’s lot want the gates open so they can get back to selling off Australia … let’s face it he has had it all his way for a decade with no real wages growth, endless supply of foreign buyers, less regulations, lower standards, pollies in his corner, the Greater Sydney Commission doing what they can for his ilk

It’s been a feast … so is it any wonder the sector push is on for ‘A Big Australia’ following the issue of the guvment’s first population statement.

From the commentators it is obvious why there has been a fall in fertility with:

-the lowest wages growth for more than 60 years

-thus the inability to save for a home deposit while paying rent

-inadequate income to meet the cost of day care, a mortgage and day to day living expenses

the long delay to start a family rendering couples childless

-proven that high immigration and thus competition for housing has pushed up housing costs and suppressed wage growth

-Australia is reliant on the export of its finite resources

.with a bigger population this dilutes our per capita export earnings

migrants age too!

-Japan and some European countries have older populations yet enjoy higher per capita GDP growth than Australia

WHY was there a focus on drawing migrants from the PRC?  Apart from a source of 1.4 Billion people …

-the Shanghai Bank; shadow banking

-hot money laundering (aka black money) in our real estate; aided by the Onshore Proxy

-the development of a vast range of Visas including:

.family, student, PhD Student, investor stream, Significant Investor, grandparent, guardian, and Permanent Residency upon real estate purchase … even online overseas!

-the successful Australian First Home Buyers have been saddled with massive debt

WHY is the Australian economy being run contrary to the benefit of Australians?  Cough … cough … one only has to gaze at the AFR Rich Lists … and the developer lobby largely represented in the first 200 …