FOURTH TRANCHE for 13 NSW Accelerated Projects for Assessment …

SAID to boost the NSW ECONOMY with more than $4B …

To include the Sydney Tech Precinct at Central Station where Atlassian has plans to build the World’s tallest hybrid timber tower

The rezoning proposal for the southern end of the Sydney CBD has been renamed the Western Gateway to allow buildings of more than 200M high

-a proposal to rezone land in the Blacktown CBD for a $1.1B Western Sydney redevelopment

-plans to improve freight rail access between southern Sydney and Port Botany

-inland freight rail between Sydney and Melbourne

SOME in the community question why the government is not building new Public primary and high schools to meet the growth from the Medium Density Housing

AND question why plans for a $50M Cricket Centre are on the drawing board when there are now more Homeless People

WHY are office towers and hubs proposed when in the midst of the Pandemic people are working from home … and this may continue for years?

MEANWHILE the transport disaster of Green Square, Waterloo and Zetland continues …



APRIL 2020 it was revealed that $70 million would be spent on housing infrastructure in Sydney’s north-west and NSW Planning proposed to fast-track significant developments, rezonings and development applications to boost the economy.


More than 76 projects were proposed for fast-tracking … MANY of which had been met with prior community objection.

Bilbergia, Holdmark and Walker Corporation feature in the listing.  Along with Meriton at Little Bay


JULY 2020 within the NSW Planning Department a new unit has formed, the Planning Delivery Unit (PDU) to escalate projects by simplifying planning

This is following the recent announcements of Tranche 2, Tranche 3 and the parachuting of the Deputy Executive Director of the developer lobby, the Property Council of Australia (PCA) in NSW, Mr William Power whose responsibility involves fast-tracking the decision making of major projects; some of which were proposed by members of the PCA!!


AND acceleration for Tranche 3!


The Ivanhoe public housing estate is one project which will be fast-tracked.