WHO else apart from Housing Developers want more?

WHO do you believe, apart from developers and NSW INC could be behind the recent Shovel-ready projects, and the introduction of the Medium-Density Housing Code?  …

The Sydney Business Chamber … no less!

The Chamber has been buoyed by the NSW Planning reforms stemming from the Pandemic however, it seems, they propose to accelerate the process to change Sydney’s planning and land use to their liking!

We understood that Red Tape had already been cut .. but the Chamber proposes further cuts to Red Tape and:

-to reduce assessment and development timelines

-to enable better use of public space

-to allow businesses to operate outside ‘normal’ hours

The Chamber proposes … what we believe we have heard before … for ‘a more flexible, performance based, planning system focused on the key outcomes like urban design, amenity and public benefit.’

Despite the high population growth through not only immigration but visa manipulation resulting in a huge demographic change, and loss of Australian heritage, and culture the Chamber alleges that the planning system and land use remains rooted in the past. 

How can this be so when our suburbs have been rezoned for higher density of high-rise precincts, and now the Medium-Density Housing Code has been introduced as of 1 July 2020?

Further, the Chamber alleges that the difficulties with the NSW Planning system arise from:

‘inputs’ – zoning, height limits, floor space ratios etc

-less on the outputs.

Further, that it does not assure well designed new development.

It appears to have overlooked the intervention of the Property Council of Australia, the Urban Taskforce, the Real Estate Institute … to name but a few! The Chamber proposes realignment of land use and development controls from a Red Tape focus on inputs to an outcomes-based system to drive good development with better land use … storey upon storey … there’s a motza to be made …

They refer to the Sydney CBD as an example of having more flexible zoning controls, allowing for taller developments and higher density

Does this mean the Chamber having had a ta$te of the immense growth from the development boom when government and local council revenues flourished that they want more Precincts and CBD-style development?

To revive this they propose a broad-based land tax, and increased council rates having been capped for more than 50 years.

It appears that once again Sydneysiders are to be hit for the cost of more local infrastructure it is alleged due to the CoronaVirus with more working locally …

We thought that those still employed were in fact working from home …

And with the call for the extension of JobKeeper and JobSeeker where does the Chamber figure Sydney households will have the means to meet council rate increases?

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SOURCE:   https://www.thechamber.com.au/Media/Time-to-Capitalise-on-COVID-Driven-Planning-Reform

The full report:  https://www.thechamber.com.au/getattachment/3d13e887-3921-45df-bef3-74ea15de6d84/GREAT-CITIES-DO-NOT-HAPPEN-BY-CHANCE-Now-is-the-Time-to-Make-Planning-and-Land-Use-a-Fit-for-Purpose.pdf.aspx?lang=en-AU&fbclid=IwAR2m1GinomD2RQ6oBgRvKqgQksD2R4efLDXvaKiWIevO0mGqVxgJCNc-w3s

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CAAN Photo February 2020 Sydney CBD