NSW INC List For the Second Stage of Fast-Tracked Approvals

NSW INC says ‘Have Your Say’ … but is that where it ends? Cough … cough …

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CAAN Photo 21 June 2020

What happened to the thousands of community objections and calls to turn the former IBM site in West Pennant Hills, the Blue Gum High Forest and the Cumberland State Forest into a National Park to benefit everyone, and create more jobs?

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CAAN Photo 21 June 2020

WHO are the series of apartments and ‘micro-lot housing’ being developed for?

Surely not for more CCP party members who can fly in on the Pegasus? Those from Hong Kong or the sub-continent with its 1.3 Billion People?

But … but … but you can’t say that! It just so happens that Harry and his Mates have made it so … as the Top End of Town keep our Wages Down … down … down …

That’s how they like it … with Visa workers too … so hushed and willing to seek Permanent Residency …

Among the infamous quotes from HT are these! Just substitute ‘Chinese’ for ‘Overseas’ …

The problem with Australians is they are very slow. They ask their lawyer, they ask their financial adviser, they ask their family, they ask everybody. The Chinese don’t ask anybody, they come off the plane, buy their unit and go.

“China has more than 1 billion people, and they love Australia. I think they love Australia as much as we love Australia. So there will always be enough of them that will buy.”

THE consequence was that ‘The Supply’ could not meet ‘The Foreign Demand’ … so now within ‘the proposed major changes to Foreign Investment’ … none are to be had for ‘real estate’ … of course!

AND there are millions … even billions of ‘foreign buyers’ for these high-rise boxes, townhouses, duplex … more fridges, washing machines to fly off the floor … and more tolls to be paid …

AS it becomes more difficult for Australians to keep or get jobs POST the Wuhan Pandemic of the CoronaVirus

IT makes a lota sense to the Top End of Town …

Protecting Your Suburban Environment spokeswoman Jan Primrose said the damage this development will cause to the Blue Gum High Forest and the Cumberland State Forest will be “irreversible”.

Demolishing an employment precinct capable of carrying over 2,000 people for the sake of 300 short term jobs with no ongoing employment does not make economic or social sense.”

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CAAN Photo: 21 June 2020



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CAAN Photos at 21 June 2020

QUESTIONS arise about the 7% Unemployment … How can it stack up?

ABC WEEKEND BREAKFAST… this morning SUNDAY 21 JUNE it was noted that unemployment is in fact much higher than the latest report of some 7% …

‘The unemployment rate has risen to just over 7%’ | 7.30

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzvFgqX5yqM

Those who appear to have been overlooked in this 7% include:

-Women and our Youth who make up the large share of those now unemployed

.the women had to return to their role of childcare during the Pandemic; now looking at job losses!

-that many job seekers give up because there is no job there for them! So they are not included …

-both high unemployment and underemployment

Then we recall there was reference to the importance of trades for the economy … this emphasis we hear of constantly from the Morrison Govt (backed by the Property Sector Lobby groups)

Meanwhile Tradies seem to still be doing alright … they tell us:

-they are booked up

-always seeking cash payment-at rates 4 X or more the rest of us!

-always in a hurry and/or chatting and stretching the job out

. as corners are cut!

Yet again as others in the workforce have been overlooked including WOMEN … in vital roles like Childcare but are looking at the imminent prospect of losing JobKeeper …

Scott Morrison affirmed previously that Australians would be in receipt of JOBKEEPER until the end of September

However, now some 120,000 Early Childhood Educators are to lose this payment within a few weeks!

Katy Gallagher this week in the Senate referred to the lack of support for industries largely employing women:


-the rest of us including admin people, University lecturers and staffers, casual teachers (who, no doubt would like permanent work), cleaners, shop assistants … and so on!

Are these workers also not Key? Essential Workers?

These reports refute the alleged 7% unemployment. Unemployment together with Underemployment and those who had given up looking because there was no job there for them (and have not been included in the Stats) amounted to 19.7% prior to the Pandemic!

‘Economists now saying Unemployment could be close to 20%’

View: htttps://caanhousinginequalitywithaussieslockedout.com/2020/06/04/economists-now-saying-unemployment-could-be-close-to-20/

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CAAN Photo: mid May 2020 Queue around the corner at Services NSW (Centrelink) Chatswood

A Certifier’s Response to … ‘The Certifier of the Tower deemed to be the Worst Development in Sydney is under Investigation!’

WE are all aware that there are some Certifiers who have worked in cahoots with dodgy developers, however, they should not all be tarred with the same brush!

CAAN shares this response from Steven to this article issued on CAAN about the Certifier under investigation regarding the high-rise development in Auburn.


Steven wrote:

The issues at this site are not the Certifiers doing, they are the dodgy builder and his dodgy sub contractors doings. Being under investigation does not mean being guilty.

When is the Government going to focus on the developer/builder instead of over regulating the regulator?

Certifiers can get fines of up to 200K and be tarnished through the media whilst these inept developer/builders continually get away with the same ‘shit’, and aren’t subject to fines or reprimands.

CAAN:  We wrote in the text to our intro: ‘Was Mr Storer employed by the developer, and if so, did the developer exert pressure upon the Certifier to issue the occupation certificate?

Following which Merhis was able to get customers who had bought apartments off the plan to settle!

In which case it would seem the developer ought be under investigation!’

Steven:  It’s not so much a matter of whether the developers exert pressure on Certifiers or not because most times Certifiers don’t even deal with the developer directly and more so deal with the principle contractor/builder.

The big issue is unskilled labour and poor workmanship by tradies and builders working to stupid time frames and not quality controlling their trades.

It’s not the Certifiers role to ensure quality control and we get wrapped into these messes because certain tradies and builders don’t give an F!

You can do an online course and be a builder or PM in 12 months!

You don’t need a licence or any qualification to install fire doors, fire seals, build fire walls, fire rate floors, columns etc, etc

But yet there is an expectation that Certifiers should be responsible for these imb.ciles and their lack of knowledge. We are constantly fighting with tradies regarding these issues (which is not our role).

For your info, to be an A1 Certifier you need a minimum of 6 years study and 8-10 years in the industry.

Our minimum PI insurance policies are circa 200+ pa.

On the flip side, to install a fire door to your apartment, the tradie needs a chisel, a drill, a tool bag, no licence, qualifications or insurance!

Why and how do we have a system where this is permissible?

Why is it that this Certifier is likely to now get fined for poor workmanship by tradies and the builder? Yet the tradies probably won’t even know about it, and be currently installing the same shit on the next apartment.

You want to fix the problem, start fining and reprimanding builders and tradies for unskilled and poor workmanship, and watch the quality of work surprisingly increase!

NSW is going to be left with no Certifiers willing to work in residential apartments very soon. Already 70% of Certifiers refuse to touch it,  and in that 70% sits the top end of town.

This Certifier is being tarnished because the SMH just like every other news outlet thrives on shock media. Why don’t they focus on the builder and his tradies?





The apartment block at 93 Auburn Road has significant building defects.
The apartment block at 93 Auburn Road has significant building defects.CREDIT:RHETT WYMAN

The Certifier of the Tower deemed to be the Worst Development in Sydney is under investigation

The apartment block at 93 Auburn Road has significant building defects.
The apartment block at 93 Auburn Road has significant building defects.CREDIT:RHETT WYMAN

Jason Storer, the Certifier who issued an interim occupation certificate for the Merhis Auburn Tower is under investigation. 

Was Mr Storer employed by the developer, and if so, did the developer exert pressure upon the Certifier to issue the occupation certificate?

Following which Merhis was able to get customers who had bought apartments off the plan to settle!

In which case it would seem the developer ought be under investigation!

MEANWHILE the Fair Trading investigation into Maurice Freixas who issued an occupation certificate for Peak Towers, the apartment building next to the Mascot Towers which the owners allege was the cause of the cracking in the Mascot Towers.

The Commissioner will be able to withhold occupation certificates so builders or developers will not be able to force buyers to settle on properties with defects.

If a buyer has taken a bank loan can they obtain insurance so that they are not forced in a predicament like this to either lose their deposit or buy and hope for the best?

Now that this development is under investigation what does that mean for the protection of the buyers investments?



A 16-Storey Auburn Apartment Tower nominated as the Worst for Defects opening the way for an Industry Shake-Up

CAN you believe it … that this is the worst? …

When they are everywhere!

NO doubt David Chandler has seen as bad if not worse …

DID the Commissioner have to back off from referring those who it seems have been instrumental in planning law changes in NSW?

WE know they hold the reins with their annointed one from the Property Council in Canberra … he who wrote their policy before entering politics …


SERIOUSLY … how can the Commissioner cut through?

IS this about NSW INC appearing to clean up the industry?

Focusing on a 16-storey Auburn apartment building full of fire hazards and defects months after owners and tenants moved in … when Sydney Precincts are riddled with defects

WHY has NSW INC delayed the powers of the NSW Building Commissioner until 1 September?

THE Commissioner visited this development by Merhis in October last year … at the urging of Fire and Rescue NSW because only one of its two lifts worked and it failed to meet fire safety, structural, and waterproofing standards!

IS the delay due to give this Cohort time to address (to fudge) issues?  Because the Commissioner will be returning to this Merhis development on 1 September …

DESPITE this Merhis … not unlike his mates … describes the buildings as ‘architectural landmarks of the finest standard’…

HOWEVER, the Commissioner has managed to get the new laws passed whereby with developments less than 10 years old owners can now sue those responsible for the defects.

-occupation certificates can be withheld

A further three orders were issued by the council with concerns about construction integrity.  When the Commissioner had found a lift shaft so far out of plumb the installers were unable to find a vertical pathway for the lift.  A layer of concrete was removed to make the lift fit but they had to resort to installing a smaller lift!

Yet the builder/developer claimed that many were latent defects or caused by extreme weather events or damage by tenants …



RELATED ARTICLE: https://caanhousinginequalitywithaussieslockedout.com/2020/06/16/will-the-new-nsw-building-laws-make-apartment-living-safe-and-secure/?fbclid=IwAR3Nw0SCpLNTbvEMVvMZUzEARQgfaEdAscDFelv17zTlu6SjXo6eLXLCbVQ

The Auburn apartment tower the building commissioner has named as 'probably the worst' he has seen.
The Auburn apartment tower the building commissioner has named as ‘probably the worst’ he has seen. CREDIT:KATE GERAGHTY

WILL the ‘New’ NSW Building Laws make Apartment Living Safe and Secure?

New NSW building law could be a game changer for apartment safety

Photo: The Conversation: New NSW building law could be a game changer

WILL the ‘New’ NSW Building Laws make Apartment Living Safe & Secure?

UNTIL now … apartment owners have had numerous obstructions in their way to seek redress! They will now be able to launch claims over cladding, water proofing and fire safety defects!

Two bills were passed last week … expected to take effect on 1 September 2020!

-The Design and Building Practitioners Bill 2020

-The Residential Apartment Buildings (Compliance and Enforcement Powers) Bill 2020

At the heart of the legislation … the Secretary of the Department of Customer Service will be able to order the correction of ‘serious defects’ in residential apartments.

-such powers will apply up to 10 years after an occupation certificate was provided

-to ensure defects are rectified prior to residents occupation a prohibition order can be provided to delay an occupation certificate

With the power to order rectification after developments are completed and the statutory duty of care will attract attention across Australia!

This is at the core of private development and the quality of developments too often left wanting …

IF one takes a moment to observe many Tradies … sadly they are always in a hurry … chasing the $$ … if the client questions they are told ‘Don’t stress’.  Unfortunately all too often the job can be left done with little care (half-arsed) to move onto the next job … and the next …

WHERE did this attitude stem from? Often it seems in contempt?

APART from the lack of pride in their work what has contributed to this?

-the demise of TAFE

-the loss of apprenticeships

-the shortage of qualified trades people

-the importation of Visa workers whose training may be unknown!

THAT aside Tradies/Contractors command very high fees e.g. $198/200 an hour compared to the $30/$50 (or less) for the rest of us!

Put that in the context of a multi-storey apartment development …

HENCE the need for defects to be rectified prior to the issue of the occupation certificate.

-the contractors then remain under pressure under their contracts

HOWEVER it is the ‘Developer’s Project’ and the developer calls the shots including cost cutting …

Is this where the contempt stems from?

WHAT will happen now … with this Sector having it so good for so long?

Will developers resort to the appeal mechanism? And in turn the contractors, subbies, and others … will they resort to relief provisions in their contracts?

WHAT then for the apartment owners and tenants?

WILL NSW INC ensure the Regulator has the resources?

MEANWHILE there’s hope … because NSW Lawmakers it appears have the momentum to attain the reform needed!





New NSW building law could be a game changer for apartment safety
Photo: The Conversation; David Chandler OAM; NSW Building Commissioner

It’s Official … the Opening of the $40M Lachlan’s Line Hyperlink Bridge

The 170-metre bridge which is now fully accessible to the public connects the Lachlan’s Line urban village to North Ryde metro station and surrounding business parks. Picture: Supplied
Photo supplied to the Daily Telegraph; The 170-metre bridge which is now fully accessible to the new residents of both Lachlan’s Line and Ryde Garden connecting them also to the neighbouring business parks and North Ryde Metro

Described as a ‘highly functional community asset’ for some … perhaps it does complement the awful high-rise Precincts … can we look forward to their demolition in 30 years or less … just as NSW INC did with the Bicentennial Projects at Darling Harbour?

NORTH RYDE VILLAGE PEOPLE might well say, ‘Why haven’t we got one too?’

To connect them to the neighbouring Business Parks and the Hong Kong North Ryde Metro … so they can train it to the city, Chatswood, Macquarie Park, Hornsby … across Sydney …

WHY do the North Ryde Village people have to endanger their lives crossing Epping Road esp those using a walker frame?  To catch a bus on the far side of Epping Road. Or then take a long walk around the North Ryde Business park, or to traipse alongside the very fast moving traffic ‘coming at you’ on Epping Road, and then up Delhi Road to the Metro Station?

HOW come this hyperlink bridge was built connecting the new ‘permanent residents’ of China’s Greenland Lachlan’s Line and China’s Country Garden (AKA Risland) Ryde Garden? That would seem very convenient between the two new Precincts with their connections to all the adjacent business parks!

CHATSWOOD is currently being built by the CCP  … is that why?

View: https://caanhousinginequalitywithaussieslockedout.com/2019/09/01/a-geopolitical-strategist-on-the-mk-hong-kong-the-u-s-and-australia/

North Ryde and Macquarie Park were developed some 30 years ago as Business and Information Technology Parks housing commercial buildings set in bushland and native garden settings that blended with the local residential areas, and provided business and job opportunities for locals.

WHY did the NSW Liberal Coalition Government not respect this? 

Instead in 2012/13 the North Ryde Precinct was the Government’s experiment in  ‘Community Consultation’ with a selected group of residents prior to the announcement of this Precinct. It was fait accompli!

Where Lachlan’s Line stands this area was Public Land temporarily used for the construction of the M2 … why wasn’t it reclaimed for parkland or another business park?

Was a $40M hyperlink a bridge too far for North Ryde Taxpayers?

Apart from widening Delhi Road, Lachlan’s Line now has a skate park, and village green included!

Landcom Chief Executive John Brogden said the bridge made from Australian steel was an “incredible feat of modern engineering.” Picture: Supplied
Photo supplied to Daily Telegraph: The hyperlink bridge connecting Lachlan’s Line at the top end to the North Ryde Metro crossing Delhi Road

Meanwhile NSW INC is wrapping up the tender process to sell off the next two stages of Lachlan’s Line for an additional 950 homes.  Will the allocated affordable housing be included?  That is for very low, low and moderate Aussie income earners.  Or will that housing be out on the fringes?



Build-to-Rent … To Buy … And Own!

In May 2020 Sydney’s rental market was described as ‘very much a tenants market right now, it’s probably the biggest tenants market I’ve seen in my last 20-years’, said Louis Christopher, Managing Director, SQM Research.

THAT no doubt was due to the huge job losses from the Pandemic as tenants had to move out … return to family … become homeless … consequently Landlords had to cut rents to find new tenants …

WILL this lead to more SUPER FUNDS investing in not just Build to Rent BUT Build to Rent to Buy?

IT appears that AUSTRALIAN SUPER is leading the way by investing 25% in Assemble Communities, an ‘affordable build-to-rent developer’!

WITH a Whole Cohort of Australians locked out of home ownership prior to the Pandemic … that this HOUSING AFFORDABILITY CRISIS has only worsened now!

THIS would seem to be the logical solution to the housing affordability predicament.  Recall years ago Public Housing Tenants were able to buy their home over time!

WILL the Morrison Government invest and transform the tax system to enable this sector to thrive for Australian First Home Buyers?

BECAUSE this Government has come in for much ridicule for their “HomeBuilder” scheme …

Note how Geoff Hamner, Brendan Coates and others sum it up!

‘HomeBuilder Residential Housing Stimulus Package’


AND from Michael West: ‘HomeBuilder: a sneaky plan for the Coalition’s franking credits crew to collar the pension?’

Developer, Assemble Communities wants 60 to 70% of their projects to be affordable housing.

WILL the Morrison Government join Australian Super, and invest?  And would this Government ensure that only Australian citizens could access this housing? 

ACROSS SYDNEY and MELBOURNE … many suburbs have had a complete demographic change through foreign investment … with obvious consequences … and if this Cohort of Australians locked out of the housing market were in fact given the opportunity to enjoy HOME OWNERSHIP … that this might create better social cohesion!

AND like housing projects would create jobs and boost our economy …

The model allows tenants to rent for five years to progress to buying at an agreed fixed price when they entered the lease.

-fund members in receipt of a good return

-affordable housing for Australian workers

The difficulty to be overcome is the extreme financialisation of land!

-build to rent developers are at a disadvantage compared to mum and dad investors in private rentals

WHAT is needed is for the Scomo Government to deliver incentives to increase the growth of this sector and hence reduce pressure on the investors to reduce the cost of these apartments

THIS would ensure the viabililty, profitability of the property sector and benefit Australians locked out …

ISN’T it time to implement and enforce the second tranche of the Anti-Money Laundering Laws for the Real Estate Gatekeepers … ??



We’re told that Australia’s Borders are closed … Yet 8000 have flown in!

HOW come?

The latest data issued by the Government reveals that 8000 people have flown here since the closure on 20 March! Between 20 March and 1 June 2020!

On Wednesday 10 June Australia had only two new cases of Covid-19. Both had returned from overseas and were in Sydney in hotel quarantine.

How come not all travellers are forced into quarantine? 

Not everyone has been forced into quarantine when they arrive in Australia – and some returned travellers, including a diplomat who lives in Canberra, have exposed others to the virus.

Those exempt include:


-airline and boat crews (excluding cruise ships)

-unaccompanied minors can seek exemption as with those on compassionate or health grounds

Most returning were citizens or Permanent Residents.  With the increase in Permanent Residency since 2013 particularly from China through Real Estate Tourism perhaps stronger measures ought to be taken? They may not have spent long prior here in Australia …

What could be more compelling than ensuring the well-being of Constituents?  Why increase the risk for Australians from some foreigners made exempt due to compassionate or compelling reasons?

The WHO has advised that it can take longer than 14 days to become infected!

So a traveller could be infected with the virus after release from hotel quarantine.

Government funding for Qantas and Virgin Australia has run out with these airlines now regrounded for international flightsYet some overseas airlines have resumed flights to Australia!

Four new CoronaVirus cases from returned travellers were found in a Melbourne hotel last week with hotel staff members in self-isolation!



Photo: TND

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-Suspended UQ Student Drew Pavlou Sues University of Queensland


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