LOWY THINK TANK POLL … and how Australians View CHINA Now …

HOW much longer will we have to deal with the Wuhan Pandemic of 2020? 

It may well be years  …? 

With its awful ramifications for our Society … jobs market  … our economy … and the threat of an insidious disease remaining …

Frank Lowy … we note was the former Chairman of Westfield, a global shopping centre company … so perhaps this would have some bearing on the way the questions were put together for this survey?

Mr Lowy it would seem has really enjoyed the benefits of ‘Globalisation’ … and the Liberal Coalition policies which would no doubt have contributed to the expansion of Westfield … like his fellow AFR Rich Listers with the real estate tourism … the World-wide expansion of the Westfield chain of shopping centres …

AND … Lowy is the founder of the Lowy Institute described as the Nation’s leading foreign affairs think tank also described as ‘neoliberal’

View: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Lowy

So with all that … it is put that Aussies still believe in globalisation contrary to the rest of the planet who are falling back to nationalism, and protectionism. 

So where do these 2448 respondents to the survey come from?  And how were the questions framed concerning the bushfires, climate change in the midst of the Pandemic in March with businesses closing and jobs lost? 

In 2019 many had already been subject to underemployment let alone those made redundant before this Pandemic so it is not surprising that only 65% were optimistic.  Now only 52% feel optimistic about the economy  …

IT would seem it has taken the Worldwide devastation of the CoronaVirus for Australians to finally grasp the need to withdraw from China … to diversify our markets …

a mere 23% of Australians trust China; a 29 point drop in 2 years

-22% have confidence in Xi Jinping



nine in ten want the Australian government to diversify markets; reduce dependence on China

-despite Australians confidence in Trump in freefall 78% recognise our US alliance is important for our security

HOW come as the Lowy Institute alleges that until very recently Australians in the majority saw China as an economic opportunity? 

Was that a consequence of the media, government ministers, Think Tanks like the Lowy Institute talking up the value of ‘our largest trading partner’?  Constantly?

So that the intelligence reports somehow were overlooked?



Photo: Wikipedia; Frank Lowy