QUESTIONS arise about the 7% Unemployment … How can it stack up?

ABC WEEKEND BREAKFAST… this morning SUNDAY 21 JUNE it was noted that unemployment is in fact much higher than the latest report of some 7% …

‘The unemployment rate has risen to just over 7%’ | 7.30


Those who appear to have been overlooked in this 7% include:

-Women and our Youth who make up the large share of those now unemployed

.the women had to return to their role of childcare during the Pandemic; now looking at job losses!

-that many job seekers give up because there is no job there for them! So they are not included …

-both high unemployment and underemployment

Then we recall there was reference to the importance of trades for the economy … this emphasis we hear of constantly from the Morrison Govt (backed by the Property Sector Lobby groups)

Meanwhile Tradies seem to still be doing alright … they tell us:

-they are booked up

-always seeking cash payment-at rates 4 X or more the rest of us!

-always in a hurry and/or chatting and stretching the job out

. as corners are cut!

Yet again as others in the workforce have been overlooked including WOMEN … in vital roles like Childcare but are looking at the imminent prospect of losing JobKeeper …

Scott Morrison affirmed previously that Australians would be in receipt of JOBKEEPER until the end of September

However, now some 120,000 Early Childhood Educators are to lose this payment within a few weeks!

Katy Gallagher this week in the Senate referred to the lack of support for industries largely employing women:

-the rest of us including admin people, University lecturers and staffers, casual teachers (who, no doubt would like permanent work), cleaners, shop assistants … and so on!

Are these workers also not Key? Essential Workers?

These reports refute the alleged 7% unemployment. Unemployment together with Underemployment and those who had given up looking because there was no job there for them (and have not been included in the Stats) amounted to 19.7% prior to the Pandemic!

‘Economists now saying Unemployment could be close to 20%’

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CAAN Photo: mid May 2020 Queue around the corner at Services NSW (Centrelink) Chatswood