It’s Official … the Opening of the $40M Lachlan’s Line Hyperlink Bridge

The 170-metre bridge which is now fully accessible to the public connects the Lachlan’s Line urban village to North Ryde metro station and surrounding business parks. Picture: Supplied
Photo supplied to the Daily Telegraph; The 170-metre bridge which is now fully accessible to the new residents of both Lachlan’s Line and Ryde Garden connecting them also to the neighbouring business parks and North Ryde Metro

Described as a ‘highly functional community asset’ for some … perhaps it does complement the awful high-rise Precincts … can we look forward to their demolition in 30 years or less … just as NSW INC did with the Bicentennial Projects at Darling Harbour?

NORTH RYDE VILLAGE PEOPLE might well say, ‘Why haven’t we got one too?’

To connect them to the neighbouring Business Parks and the Hong Kong North Ryde Metro … so they can train it to the city, Chatswood, Macquarie Park, Hornsby … across Sydney …

WHY do the North Ryde Village people have to endanger their lives crossing Epping Road esp those using a walker frame?  To catch a bus on the far side of Epping Road. Or then take a long walk around the North Ryde Business park, or to traipse alongside the very fast moving traffic ‘coming at you’ on Epping Road, and then up Delhi Road to the Metro Station?

HOW come this hyperlink bridge was built connecting the new ‘permanent residents’ of China’s Greenland Lachlan’s Line and China’s Country Garden (AKA Risland) Ryde Garden? That would seem very convenient between the two new Precincts with their connections to all the adjacent business parks!

CHATSWOOD is currently being built by the CCP  … is that why?


North Ryde and Macquarie Park were developed some 30 years ago as Business and Information Technology Parks housing commercial buildings set in bushland and native garden settings that blended with the local residential areas, and provided business and job opportunities for locals.

WHY did the NSW Liberal Coalition Government not respect this? 

Instead in 2012/13 the North Ryde Precinct was the Government’s experiment in  ‘Community Consultation’ with a selected group of residents prior to the announcement of this Precinct. It was fait accompli!

Where Lachlan’s Line stands this area was Public Land temporarily used for the construction of the M2 … why wasn’t it reclaimed for parkland or another business park?

Was a $40M hyperlink a bridge too far for North Ryde Taxpayers?

Apart from widening Delhi Road, Lachlan’s Line now has a skate park, and village green included!

Landcom Chief Executive John Brogden said the bridge made from Australian steel was an “incredible feat of modern engineering.” Picture: Supplied
Photo supplied to Daily Telegraph: The hyperlink bridge connecting Lachlan’s Line at the top end to the North Ryde Metro crossing Delhi Road

Meanwhile NSW INC is wrapping up the tender process to sell off the next two stages of Lachlan’s Line for an additional 950 homes.  Will the allocated affordable housing be included?  That is for very low, low and moderate Aussie income earners.  Or will that housing be out on the fringes?