THE PONDS Primary School and High School are Crowded Out with Demountable Classrooms!

North-Western Sydney like South-Western Sydney is growing too rapidly …

We were shocked back in July 2018 when we visited ‘The Ponds’ to see how many demountable classrooms were set up then at both the high school and the Riverbank Primary school alongside one another.

NSW Opposition Leader, Jodi McKay is calling for the government to fast track development of more schools … however a simpler solution surely would be for the Morrison Government to cut migration!

Parents at this high school are alleging it will have twice the number of students it was built to cater for!

There is no space!

With 3500 students and almost 70 demountable classrooms in June 2020 when the high school was built for 1100 – 1200 students.

2021 there will be 1850 students, and by 2024 2000 students!

No room for basketball courts and tennis courts

This electorate of Riverstone has the highest number of demountable classrooms in NSW.

Eight schools have either been upgraded or built in Sydney’s North-west in the last 18 months but this has not been adequate!

HOW come? It is not only related to the high growth for Western Sydney through immigration and visa manipulation, but to accommodate this growth NSW Planning introduced the Greenfields Housing Code for higher density of lots as tiny as 200M2 X 6M wide … and that is apart from high-rise and the Medium-Density Housing Code …


‘Sydney Schools that Need Demountables to Meet Demand’

CAAN visited The Ponds in July 2018, and this is what we saw then …

Always playing catchup because of overdevelopment …

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CAAN Photo 31 July 2018 a row of demountable classroms in front of ‘The Ponds’ Primary School
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CAAN Photo: ‘The Ponds’ High School 31 July 2018
No photo description available.
CAAN Photo: ‘The Ponds’ High School 31 July 2018

THIS is what these schools look like now …

A child walking down a path between demountables.
ABC: The Ponds High School has 30 demountables to cope with student numbers.(Supplied)

The demountables at the Ponds, as seen from above.
The demountables at the Ponds, as seen from above.(ABC News: Ross Byrne)