Despite a Big Need to House Australians Why is the Property Sector calling for more Migrants?

IN the background the developer lobby, the Property Council of Australia (PCA), have been plotting to bring back high immigration following the cessation of the Pandemic lockdown … read more …

For more about their Push for boosting immigration ‘A seven point plan to kickstart the economy’


or …

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And …

REMEMBER … ScoMo before entering politics was the National ManagerPolicy and Research, Property Council of Australia 1989-1995 .. where he wrote the Policy for this Developer Lobby!

AND so the PCA has anointed their manto seize the reins of Australia

‘Property Industry Donations favour the Coalition about eight to one AEC figures show’

MEANWHILE there is …

a need for 200,000 Social Housing dwellings to be built (ACOSS Report)

Read more!

most of the Public Housing estates in NSW have been sold off for high-rise redevelopment targeting overseas buyers

-a whole Cohort of aspiring Australian First Home Buyers remain locked out … prior to the Pandemic by a ‘hot money’ real estate market and the lowest wages growth for 60 years

NOW many of them may be unemployed!

-the victims of the 2019-20 firestorms 6 months on are living in tents and/or shipping containers, and are begging for money!

Read more!  ‘Homeless still fighting for Funds after Bushfire disaster’

SO why is this Property Sector not addressing the needs of Australians? HOW come this Sector is exempt from the second tranche of the Anti-money laundering laws?  WHY did the Morrison Government exempt this sector in October 2018?

These are questions for your local MPs …

The Coalition raked in the most donations from the property sector, by far. Photo: Sitthixay Ditthavong