CHINA’s Acquisition of much of AUSTRALIA’s Assets may Backfire when they aim at Exports they in fact Own!

Communique that CHINA’s next steps will be to focus on more Australian exports including dairy, seafood, oatmeal and fruit to face stricter quality checks or tariffs however this may backfire because China owns many of these companies …

*Nor is there an Australian public register of China’s acquisitions

BUT…Prof. Peter Drysdale from the ANU has put together investment data from the FIRB together with company reports and media stories which can be found on the ANU’s ‘Chinese investment in Australia’ database of the Mainland direct commercial acquisitions in Australia

-another project of KPMG and Sydney university concerns the range of Chinese outbound direct acquisitions in Australia including from four of Australia’s largest abbatoirs


Including Queensland’s Kilcoy Pastoral Company controlled by China’s ‘New Hope Group’


Mengniu … part-owned by the Chinese Government now owns much of Australia’s dairy including:

-Dairy Farmers, Masters and Pura milk; Big M, Dairy Farmers and Pura Classic flavoured milk; Dare and Farmers Union iced coffee; Vitasoy soy milk and coconut milk; and juice brands Daily Juice, The Juice Brothers and Berri; and Yoplait yoghurt.

-Tasmania’s VDL owned by Chinese company Moon Lake

CHINA is the largest export market not only of liquid milk, powder, butter but ‘live dairy cows’ … which tells us that AUSTRALIA may well lose its market altogether …


Exports of $1.25B to China of the total $2.89B global wine exports

China is acquiring Australian vineyards

-no public listing of Chinese ownership of Australia’s wineries*

-Yantai Changyu Pioneer Wine Co owns 80% of Kilikanoon Estate of Adelaide

-by 2018 Chinese owned 10% of the Barossa Valley winemaking region incl. Chateau Yaldara, and 1847 Wines

-Max’s Vineyard was sold in 2018 to a Chinese-backed investor for more than $3 million

-and Cimicky Wines for $6.6 million

-Weilong Wine Grape Company invested $120M to build a winery in Mildura


-93,000 hectare Cubbie Station and its access to water from the Murray Darling!


-China sources two thirds of its iron ore for steel from Australia

-years ago China invested in Fortescue Metals

.but has since sold down its $US771M stake


Yancoal Australia controlled by State-owned Yankuang Group; one of Australia’s biggest thermal coal exporters; with China a key market

WITH so much of what was formerly ‘Australian Owned … Australian Made’ now owned by CHINA … therefore the CCP … it would seem that when some among us say ‘it doesn’t matter who owns it …’

WHEN China now OWNS so much of what was Australian … that you should in turn ask them Why? 

For them to make such an ignorant statement … it would seem that they have a vested interest in the sell-out of Australia …

AND if the FOREIGN INVESTMENT REVIEW BOARD (the FIRB) had not so secretly been selling this Nation out … with only a mere five ‘foreign buy-up applications’ rejected …

AUSTRALIA would be in a far more secure position than it is now!  This bully would not have so much negative impact …


*Professor Allan Fels, a former chairman of the ACCC described the FIRB as a black box and said the scrutiny was long overdue.

-that the FIRB was not a regulatory body; it was not independent, politically *


‘HOW has the FIRB escaped Scrutiny?’


‘China will have to be mindful of which Australian exports they target next if they don’t want to hurt their own interests’

Beef steaks in a butcher with above a sign with both Chinese and English writing
Chinese investors own some of Australia’s largest agricultural and food manufacturing companies that export to China.(ABC Landline: Pip Courtney)