South Australia has not had all its Eggs in the one Basket

South Australia has not had all its eggs in the one basket (case) …

SOUTH AUSTRALIA has not relied so much on Housing and Tourism which are now the hardest hit by the Pandemic.

AUSTRALIA’s GDP increase for 2018-19 of 2.89% but South Australia’s annual growth was only 1.34% however this could be why this State’s recovery may well be more immediate.

The Nation’s economic growth  … at the expense of a Whole Cohort of Australians esp. Our Youth  … was due to:

-high population growth through immigration and visa manipulation

-our industry going ‘offshore’ for China’s ‘cheap’ manufacturing

-the sell-off of our domestic housing to those from overseas with ‘hot money’ to burn

Unlike Victoria and NSW South Australia derived less ‘so-called’ advantage from these factors

Nor will South Australia have to climb out of this hole to the same extent


The Skyline of Adelaide looking south

South Australia could turn what some regard as weaknesses into strengths, experts say.(ABC News: Chris Moon)