KEY Points from Anthony Albanese’s Headland Speech about a Recovery after Covid-19

Anthony Albanese
Public is looking for a recovery ‘in which no one is left behind’, opposition leader Anthony Albanese says, as a Deloitte report warns national income could fall almost $200bn short of predictions. Photograph: Lukas Coch/AAP

KEY POINTS from Anthony Albanese’s Headland Speech about a Recovery after Covid-19!

that Australians deserve not to worry about job insecurity as jobseekers are consigned to poverty

that the government  bring forward nation-building infrastructure projects and increase investment in * social and affordable housing

the public will not accept a return to “the law of the jungle and unfettered market forces”

-that Australia build up its domestic manufacturing capacity, make better use of scientific research, and help towns and regions through a decentralisation strategy

-that this experience has reminded us that there is such a thing as society; that we are all connected and the strength of this bond is what is pulling us through as Australians

-a focus on inclusive economic growth with shared benefits; together with an industrial relations system that promotes co-operation, productivity improvements and shared benefits

-that policy makers need to look at increasing opportunities for people to gain secure employment

that the pandemic is a reminder of the need to secure critical supply chains in the face of global shocks

-to foster high-tech manufacturing;  to embrace science and improve its poor standing in OECD rankings for commercialising research

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