What led to the decline in Home Ownership? Really …

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CAAN Photo: WeChat through which much communication is made


  • The Property Sector
  • The University/International Student Sector

‘They will dress it up talking about National Income … GDP and Exports … but really it has nothing to do with that.


The Big Players wanting more of the PIE! 

And sustaining their market share, their BIG Profits and their influence in our Geopolitical Hemisphere.

There is nothing ‘egalitarian’ … nothing ‘high minded’ about it!

IT is strictly about money and strictly about THEM AND THEIR PIE!


-there is a need to build 200,000 Social Housing Dwellings for Australians

-are the firestorm victims still living in tents and shipping containers?  A.  Yes!

-what of the whole Cohort of Australians Gens X Y and Z locked out of home ownership in their own country?

SO why isn’t the PROPERTY SECTOR addressing these needs?

WHY does The Cabal want ‘Foreign Buyers’ and ‘Foreign Students’ back? 

DESPITE the threat of a second wave of the CoronaVirus?

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CAAN Photo: Wahroonga however all over Sydney huge developments like this are housing foreign buyers particularly from China; some buying more than an apartment at a time even a level of a development. How many are already here having gained ‘Permanent Residency’?

AND NSW INC is now to fast-track shovel ready high-rise projects

-Victoria’s leading residential building mob is lobbying the government to open the border to encourage overseas buyers … is this about ‘Hot Money’ to burn on Melbourne property?

-Chinese corporate investors are already “bargain hunting”

WHY do experts deny there will be a ‘red tide of cash overwhelming Australian assets’ as this peak body calls on these ‘foreign buyers’?

Then the leading economist of realestate.com.au puts that offshore buyers would be seeking Australian development sites and industrial properties, and that international investment groups with assets worth $Billions are expected to lead …

IT appears the imminent threat of the ‘flying Pegasus’ buy-up invasion is beyond the comprehension of this Mob …


The impact of foreign money upon our Youth


Need for 200,000 social housing dwellings

About the Cabal pushing for foreign buyers


lobby groups behind vast numbers of international students

From Macro Business ‘International Student Lobbies are treasonous’

Read more: https://www.macrobusiness.com.au/2020/05/international-student-lobbies-are-treasonous/?fbclid=IwAR2UVrDo8CUvWWiOokB8fSLB-lVQt8R6lxYidDwxWdS27B_BiiWhPxGA0Eo



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CAAN Photo: ‘The Old Side of Hornsby’ shopping strip it appears is largely being taken over by ‘investors’ from China. Buying up big and small businesses … buying up suburbs … esp. along the Metro route