WHAT Has the PANDEMIC meant for GENS X Y AND Z and Their Prospects?

THE NEW REALITY … Have our Youth been conditioned over the years?

PRIOR in talking to Our Youth … they seemed to have accepted they had no prospects of ‘home ownership’ … it seems they learnt this as early as high school!

SO they adapted to make the World their oyster … to travel, live and work anywhere until the CoronaVirus!

The SPIN was circulated by Lobby groups representing Developers and The Top End of Town that they were extravagant … wasting money on Smashed Avo and overseas holidays … this by the way has been during the lowest wages growth for more than 60 years …

NOW with the World-wide lockdown of CV they are facing while overseas … the prospect of a 27% surge in flights and house prices dropping 30% … unless the Property Sector intervene … ?

WHAT happened while Young Australians sought the joy of overseas travel to compensate for the restrictions imposed on them by lobbyist groups and changes in government policy? 

At the same time those here saw a rapid change that further escalated from 2014/15 of a massive influx particularly of Chinese people who became the new ‘Permanent Residents’ following real estate tours, and having bought not only an apartment but often a level of an apartment tower!  How convenient for them to start new careers here too!  While our families were overseas seeking something …

AND with 200,000 as many as 300,000 migrants annually … and prior to the Pandemic there were 2.4 Million Visa holders in Australia … of course this has had a huge impact on Our Communities, Our Society and where we live … bulldozed to accommodate more … and rezoned for higher density … we found that we had no rights! SO it continues with an infrastructure catch-up as villages like Haberfield and Rozelle are destroyed for Toll Roads, Tunnels and Stacks!

JUST now on ”THE DRUM’ a commentator said words to the effect that permanent and temporary migrants were needed to do the jobs that Australians won’t do

HOW OFTEN has that been rehashed?

TELL that to those made redundant … or the One Million Australians prior to this Pandemic who were unable to find a job or were underemployed!

PERHAPS this has a lot to do with Migration Agents and others lobbying for high immigration … and employers keen to exploit Visa Workers?

‘Home affairs spokeswoman Kristina Keneally, who is part of Labor’s core leadership group, said the country had an unprecedented chance to shift the immigration program away from the “lazy” approach used by governments of all persuasions to boost the economy at the expense of local workers and community concerns.



TO counter any community objection to the high immigration of both permanent and temporary migrants and a call for the maintenance of border closure those with vested interests label this as ‘racist’ … will they go further to label Australians as ‘far-right, anti-immigration’ or worse? 

DESPITE what has happened to Australian Youth?

-locked out of secure work (on contract); lowest wages growth

-competing in the jobs market with Visa workers

-locked out of housing market by competition from ‘hot money’

-high unemployment and underemployment at 19.7% prior to the Pandemic

READ MORE in this Report which comes closer to the truth but has overlooked what CAAN has talked about here, and why they were robbed of ‘The Australian Dream’ that led them to seek joy travelling …

‘What has coronavirus done to the millennial version of the great Australian dream?’


Australian Rina Laino next to a building in Japan.
For Rina Laino, a mortgage is something that will hopefully come later in life.(Supplied: Rina Laino)