Senator Kristina Keneally & Labor call for Migration & Visa Manipulation Fix!

Labor Home affairs spokeswoman Kristina Keneally has called for a move away from the high immigration and Visa manipulation which obviously is all about boosting the economy of the Big End of Town to the detriment of Australian workers, our Society and Communities forced to get out of the way for higher density …

The turning point now being the CoronaVirus to address the damage done!

CAAN has shared all too numerous reports with you from The Unconventional Economist and others proving that the ‘temporary visa worker’ influx has resulted in higher unemployment, underemployment and the lowest wages growth of some 60 years for Australian workers!

The Morrison Government reduced the permanent migrant intake to 160,000 however it did not make it widely known that there were up to some 2.4 million Visa holders in Australia until prior to the Pandemic Lockdown!

Due to lockdowns overseas the numbers of possible migrants are expected to be down.

DESPITE the evidence produced revealing the negative consequences of disproportionate numbers of migrants both permanent and temporary, and skilled workers, Government MP Andrew Laming argued for an increase, and alleged that International Students were a $36 Billion sector that could be doubled.

His argument is readily refuted in this report, ‘Australia’s $37.6 B International Student Export Con’. Read more:

Because the majority of these foreign students pay the initial start-up fee, and then take up jobs to pay for their education, housing and upkeep.  The question should also be asked how many of them are on ‘the books’ … to pay tax and Superannuation?

Read more from Shane Wright in ‘Put Australian Jobs First’: Labor calls for Migration Overhaul after Pandemic’


Labor's immigration spokeswoman Kristina Keneally says Australia's post-pandemic immigration program must change.
Labor’s immigration spokeswoman Kristina Keneally says Australia’s post-pandemic immigration program must change.CREDIT:ALEX ELLINGHAUSEN