WHO are most concerned about the Pandemic Immigration Freeze … and Why?

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CAAN PHOTO; Real Estate agency in middle of shopping mall

WHO fear catastrophic consequences for the Economy from CoronaVirus? It would seem even more so than the People in the Street …

WHO has benefited from nearly three decades of essentially uninterrupted economic growth?

HAS it largely been the bandits from the UT Developer Lobby?  The PCA, and those associated with them … the Real Estate Gatekeepers? Agents, lawyers, accountants, and conveyancers?  The Lobby Groups and Think Tanks behind them? The NSW Government with its stamp duty coffers?

-the department store moguls with washers and fridges flying off the floor

-MTR Hong Kong Consortium owned Metro

-Toll road builders like Transurban … et al?

MEANWHILE a whole Cohort of Australians have been locked out of home ownership by those laundering ‘black money’ together with the lowest wages growth … and insecure work on contract!

SO how is High Immigration working for the majority of Australians?  Particularly Gens X, Y and Z?

WE will enlighten ANU DEMOGRAPHER Liz Allen and other experts on what we believe to be the real implications of High Immigration for the Australian Constituency contrary to the views given in this report:

Coronavirus has halted immigration to Australia and that has experts worried about the country’s economic and social recovery from the pandemic

BECAUSE contrary to Liz Allen mass immigration appears to have created greater inequality!

Read more from Macro Business:   ‘Memo to Liz Allen:  Mass immigration = greater inequality’

AND as automation increases … growing Australia’s workforce through high migrant numbers creates more unemployment and underemployment, and low wages for constituents.

Liz Allen refers to an ‘ageing population with more people retiring from the workforce than people entering the workforce.’

How can that be so with 160,000 migrants p.a., and ‘2.43 million temporary migrants in Australia in December 2019, a number which according to the federal government fell to 2.17 million – a drop of 260,000 – in early April.’

AND … Anthony Albanese said: ‘Older Australians are missing out on job opportunities and seeing their hopes for a secure and dignified retirement evaporate.

Today, over 170,000 Australians aged between 55 and 64 are on unemployment benefits just when they should be building their nest egg.’  

Contrary to Liz Allen they have not been able to reach retirement! They have been made redundant!

One must question how many ‘new workers’ are in fact on ‘the books’ … paying tax, and into Super?

Read more: ‘Jobs Drought for Older People’  


Then Liz Allen referred to a large number of temporary visa holders now stranded due to the Pandemic; that Australia was not meeting some obligations.

It appears Dr Allen has overlooked how many Australians are in crisis, and that it ought be up to the Visa Holders’ employers/sponsors including Australian Universities to look after their needs not the Taxpayers!

Meanwhile charities have been helping out …

With high unemployment and underemployment in Australia at 19.7% prior to the Pandemic!

Dr Jim Stanford said:

“This says to me that one in five potential workers in Australia, or about 20 per cent, are people who want to work, want to work more, aren’t working at all, or working less than they want to.” 

Read more from Macro Business: ‘One Million Aussies Forgotten in Unemployment Statistics’


Add, the high cost of housing;  insecure work (on contract); schools, buses, trains all full-up; our roads in gridlock … that Australia is no longer a welcoming nor safe place for Constituents either … many Australians now joining the ranks of the unemployed and abandoning leases on accommodation seeking refuge with family … and how many more will become Homeless?

PERHAPS those predominantly from our Big Neighbour to the North (China) … at the invitation of the Australian Property Sector … flying in on real estate tours and cruising in European limousines … that perhaps these people in flaunting their wealth have brought the alleged racial abuse from some upon themselves? 

IT would seem that the Australian Government policies have been written to their advantage … to the extent that they can buy our domestic housing; an exemption for the Real Estate Gatekeepers was made in October 2018 by the Morrison Government for the second tranche of the Anti-Money Laundering Laws!

READ more commentary in this article from those advocates of ‘A Big Australia’ including ANU Demographer Dr Liz Allen,  Grattan Institute CEO John Daley,  Commsec senior economist Ryan Felsman and Associate Professor Boucher  … do they too have a vested interest in high immigration?


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CAAN Photo: Chinese Sydney Property Weekly