NO Let-Up from the Big Boys at Urban Taskforce … Covid-19 or not!

DESPITE THE REPORTS from the Professionals about What needs to be done to restore Our Economy and Our Society … which we have shared with you again today …

We then went and had a look at the SMH, and …

JUST as we feared the Mob … the Urban Taskforce and other Big Boys have held even more sway with NSW INC …

Elizabeth Farrelly writes in ‘The lucky group enjoying fewer constraints under COVID: developers’

About how they are forging ahead during the crisis as everyone else is in lock-down!

HT is at it again … he builds Precincts now for his Middle Kingdom, Chinese clients …

WE were never asked about ‘Who comes to this Country’

including money launderers

IS it out of some longheld spite, or just pure opportunism that he has become the Mother of them all?

This time at LITTLE BAY a plan for 1900 apartments with towers up to 22 storeys.

This follows on from when in early April 2020 while we were all caught up with the CV Wuhan Pandemic … NSW INC approved Meriton’s ‘DESTINATION’ Macquarie Park Monster of 63 storeys (243M)

Image may contain: sky, tree and outdoor
CAAN Photo: the undeveloped site next to two towers under construction at Meriton’s ‘Destination’ Talavera Road, Macquarie Park; a big development site of 4 or 5 towers compare that to Little Bay of 1900 dwellings!

WHILE the Budget Surplus is rapidly being depleted by the WUHAN PANDEMIC, the Property Mafia have been taking control … they are running Australia …

BUT there are more of US!  Still …

WHILE in LOCKDOWN this is as good an opportunity as any to counter this …

UNITE … it can start in your street …

EMAIL your local MPs, all political candidates, councillors of your OBJECTIONS, and tell them what you want for this Country!

-this is what is missing! So they ignore us …

MESSAGE your contacts across Sydney, NSW … across Australia requesting they do the same!

That we want HOUSING FOR EVERY AUSTRALIAN!  Be it Public, Social, Affordable Housing

AND a stop to ‘high’ immigration and Visa Manipulation

-through the lure of real estate tours they can gain a ‘Permanent Resident Visa’ with Medicare!

-the Real Estate Gatekeepers exempt (excluded) from Anti-Money Laundering Laws (by the Morrison Government October 2018)

USE these links also in your message:

From Geoff Hanmer:  Why the Focus of Stimulus Plans has to be construction that puts Social Housing First

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List of 79 Shovel-Ready Projects … as well as Harry’s 1900 dwellings … Holdmark, Bilbergia and Walker Corporation largely feature!!



Image may contain: sky, cloud, skyscraper, tree and outdoor
CAAN Photo: Meriton ‘Destination’ Talavera Road Macquarie Park; April 2020