House Prices to fall 30% … but What’s in it for Aussie First Home Buyers?

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CAAN Photo: See that little symbol on the right there? Right there … that’s the sign that this development is being marketed … very likely … to one overseas market … through WeChat …

Business Reporter, Stephanie Chalmers writes, ‘Predictions house prices could fall by 30 per cent in worst-case scenario as coronavirus restrictions bite’

This forecast comes from SQM Research and others following the decrease in migrants and vibrants to impact real estate sales and rentals

There is a possibility that following house prices falls in the mid-year … June … that they grow in the Spring, September to December if the CoronaVirus numbers continue to decrease. 

But if there were a second wave expectations are that will result in house prices declining.

-looking at a glut of 100,000 dwellings for rent

-auction rates were 65-75 per cent now fallen to 30.2 per cent

-so far house listings dropped 23.8 per cent

AND it ought to make it easier for Australia’s First Home Buyers to purchase a property, yes?

NOT at all … they are out of work or working less hours, or if they are fortunate to even have a job it is being held together through the JOB KEEPER scheme!

The BANKS are not exactly jumping for joy at the prospect of lending money in the current circumstances.

INDEED the whole question of housing is not about building it for shelter … having a roof over your head … it’s about …

foreign buyers ‘investing’ AKA owning (in) Australia’s domestic housing

-the property sector (The Mob aka The Mafia) making money … lots of it

importing buyers and ignoring the needs of Australians

ALL this is borne out in these reports:

THE FIFTH ESTATE: ‘Fast-Tracking Development in NSW: Genuine Reform or Rent-Seeker Give-Away?

CAAN asks is NSW INC seizing on the ‘CoronaVirus Lockdown’ as an opportunity to accelerate for more terraces, townhomes and ManorHouses … apart from more high-rise? Cough … cough … ?

How convenient when no protests can be had … ?

IS anyone seriously buying the talk that this ‘fast tracking of development’ is the silver bullet to revive the economy?

BECAUSE while we have been social distancing … worried about the elderly isolated in nursing homes … whether children should or should not go back to school … will we have a job?

NSW INC has been very busy with The Mob … and this is another part of the plan …

‘ … all Councils across Sydney have just completed local housing strategies, most with financial support from the state government. These strategies identify where best to locate significant new housing based on strategic planning and community benefit criteria.’

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CAAN Photo: Where there was a cottage and garden now 10 dwellings marketed overseas … 10 X sewer, waste, road congestion, schools, buses, trains all full-up

WHAT it is about is bulldozing where you live for redevelopment …

WE have witnessed the Property Mafia of Australia seize the reins …

-through their lobbyists who appear to work hand in glove with NSW Treasury

‘Labor and Unions label NSW INC Building Boom Plan for what it is … a StopGap!’

WHAT a dismal state of affairs our political leaders have created for the rest of us … forgoing the futures of our young people because greater profits can be made for ‘their mates’ by selling off housing to foreigners … it’s disgusting … a National disgrace!

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CAAN Photo: Have a closer look at signage on homes for sale and/or developers sites underway … this and WeChat are what appear …


SEARCH CAAN WEBSITE for the Facts on:

-Black Money

-Hot Money

-Permanent Resident Visa

Real Estate Gatekeepers exempt from Anti-Money Laundering Laws (Morrison Govt October 2018)

-Foreign Investment Review Board (the FIRB)

THEN DO SOMETHING! EMAIL YOUR OBJECTIONS TO YOUR LOCAL MPs AND POLITICAL CANDIDATES … SHARE the website link to this article with them! AND this can happen in your street …



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CAAN Photo: That WeChat symbol again! Appearing on another Real Estate organisation For Sale sign …