LABOR and Unions label NSW INC Building Boom Plan for what it is … a StopGap!

TOM RABE writes in ‘NSW Building Boom Plan slammed as ‘quick fix’ that will cost future Generations‘ about the response from the NSW Labor Opposition and Unions to the NSW INC push for another Sting of Asset Recycling for Infrastructure to match Higher Density in the guise of renewing NSW Economy …

THE OPPOSITION AND UNIONS seized on the government’s  proposed second wave of Public (privatised) Transport Projects would form a SILVER BULLET to revive the NSW ECONOMY … financed in part through ‘ASSET RECYCLING’ (SELL-OFF/PRIVATISATION) and debt management.

Described the government’s proposal as a “quick fix” that would be paid for by future generations

Labor’s Chris Minns said:

“The government’s adherence to privatisation has left NSW dangerously ill-equipped to fight off the COVID-19 economic disaster.”

RTBU, David Babineau said the pandemic and ensuing economic crisis was evidence more assets needed to remain in the hands of governments

“Trying to use our state’s suffering as cover for his unpopular agendas is disgraceful,” Mr Babineau said. “This system seems to be about taxpayers funding projects which get sold to private companies who charge taxpayers a premium to use them for the rest of their lifetime.”


AND ask the question why are NSW INC so keen? Apart from the sector WHO is to benefit from all this privatisation that has happened during the recent terms of the Coalition?

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