NSW INC Push Sting of Asset Recycling allegedly to renew NSW Economy … but isn’t it for Infrastructure to match Higher Density?

NSW INC Push Sting of Asset Recycling for Infrastructure to match Higher Density in the guise of renewing NSW Economy …

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IT looks like Gladys B and Andrew Constance are at it again … there is no let-up! Pushing for more mega transport projects. To pull this off they want to sell more of Our Public Assets to reinvest in this infrastructure including expansion of the Hong Kong Consortium MTR Metro … allegedly to revive the NSW ECONOMY …

The CoronaVirus Pandemic has meant a delay of 18 months for the third cruise ship terminal in Sydney yet NSW INC propose their infrastructure projects will drive economic growth following the pandemic.

Constance submits ‘asset recycling’ will be the solution … maintaining the fire sale of Our Public Assets

The government is looking at whether it will sell or retain its 49% share in the WestConnex motorway or sell NSW’s electricity assets to fund more infrastructure.

This is based on the concern that stamp duty and payroll taxes will fall.  Before the Pandemic construction was due to start within the next two years for the Sydney Gateway motorway; the first stage of the M6, Western Harbour Tunnel and Warringah Freeway upgrade, Sydney Metro West rail line, and the Greater West metro rail to the WSA.

Of course Transurban is the shoo-in

AND the investment sharks are circling …

Ryan Park MP has raised the alarm on a number of occasions  in 2017, 2018 and in February 2019 with this Media Release:  ‘Berejiklian must Rule Out Service NSW Privatisations and Sell Offs’


AND in these reports in the Illawarra Mercury:



Read more from Tom Rabe and Matt O’Sullivan in ‘Second wave of mega projects ‘silver bullet’ to reviving NSW economy’


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CAAN Photo the anti WestCONnex Campaign maintains; here at Rozelle

P.S. These Commentators make a lot of sense!


The NSW Government can borrow the $40 billion at around 1 per cent interest. It should get back into the tollway business itself rather creating monopolies for private operators to fleece NSW residents.

Many assets sales have contained restrictive trade covenants which lumber us with high cost ports, electricity, tollways etc.

The final reckoning will show that this Government has reaped some short-term gain at great long-term expense to the people of NSW for which it should be called to account.


How many times do these nuppty liberals need to be told … no more toll roads like WHT and no more cash/benefits going to transurban!

The remaining share in Westconnex is pretty much worthless. No control for the incoming buyer and a public that won’t have the means to ride on toll roads.… good luck trying to squeeze enough cash out of this..


This is a strategy to continue the Ponzi scheme of endless population growth. We’re still dealing with the backlog of infrastructure from the past decade plus.

How about a plan to build a more robust sustainable economy that caters to a stable population? And not sell off assets “even if you don’t get top dollar.

We could try to catch up on transforming our energy sector and make a significant start on transport, industry and agriculture.

A stable population reduces the pressure to keep expanding all the key fundamental services i.e. schools, hospitals, housing, water, sewage, energy, transport etc as well as putting a stop to the increasing destruction of the natural environment.