WHY is the Solution to everything more Immigration?

Questions raised as to why the alleged solution to everything is more immigration

APRIL 9 2020

EXTRACT from Leith Van Onselen at Macro Business, ‘Abdul Rizvi’s Solution to everything is more immigration’

‘Australia has run one of the strongest immigration programs in the world since the Howard Government threw open the flood gates in the early-2000s on the back of Abul Rizvi’s policy!’

Abul Rizvi was a senior official in the Department of Immigration from the early 1990s to 2007 when he left as Deputy Secretary. He was awarded the Public Service Medal and the Centenary Medal for services to development and implementation of immigration policy, including in particular the reshaping of Australia’s intake to focus on skilled migration.


‘Following this ‘Big Australia’ policy change, Australia’s population growth has dwarfed other developed nations

-at more than 2.5 times the OECD Average

 Australia’s GDP per capita growth under Rizvi’s mass immigration policy has been lagging the OECD’s, despite Australia benefiting from a once in one hundred year mining boom

-over the most recent decade Australia’s per capita GDP growth lagging all other major advanced nations

-on the income side of the equation it is even worse; Australian households recording zero real disposable income growth over the past seven years

.-the last decade providing the lowest annual average growth in 60 years

-the sluggish household income growth was driven partly by Australia’s chronically high underemployment and labour underutilisation

-.which has created chronic labour market slack and held down wage growth

One of the reasons for this persistent labour market slack is the huge volumes of temporary and permanent migrants continually pouring into Australia under Abul Rizvi’s policy.

‘With Australia now facing mass unemployment, alongside falling incomes, the absolute last thing workers need is for 2.3 million temporary migrants to remain in Australia

-competing with locals for scarce jobs

-keeping unemployment and underemployment high; but also place additional downward pressure on wages.

The same applies for the permanent migrant intake, which has set aside 108,000 places for so-called ‘skilled’ workers:

-with skills shortages virtually non-existent across the economy, and mass unemployment looming

WHY maintain such a strong permanent migrant program?

Leith Van Onselen wrote:

‘Blind Freddy can see that Abul Rizvi’s ‘Big Australia’ policy has not delivered for ordinary Australians in a narrow economic sense. And the picture is even worse when one counts broader impacts like the crush-loading of infrastructure and housing across the major cities, which have unambiguously shredded living standards.

Once the coronavirus crisis has passed, and international travel bans are lifted, the Morrison Government must ignore Abul Rizvi and send large numbers of “temporary” visa holders back to their home countries, as well as halve the permanent migrant intake.

This is the only way to better balance labour supply with demand, as well as safeguard living standards. It would also merely return immigration levels back to sustainable historical norms.’

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