CAAN looks at what Tim Soutphommasane writes on CoronaVirus playing Host to racism

WHAT has led to CoronaVirus playing Host to racism?  High-profile Asian-Australians start petition to fight coronavirus-fuelled racism … but have they ever thought about … considered why a minority may feel resentment … and may have then exhibited their anger?

Has SBS investigated this?

THIS article, ‘As coronavirus sparks anti-Chinese racism, xenophobia rises in China itself’ … might be a good read for Tim Soutphommasane! … and similar experiences have been shared by Serpentza in his videos and live discussions on China!  Racism in China was in existence long before the CoronaVirus!

This is how you rewrite the truth …

-all criticism is racist
-deflect any focus from the facts
-blame others
-rewrite what has happened
-attack other points of view

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Tim writes in ‘Covid-19 is playing host to another contagion:  anti-asian

‘Living amid a pandemic is enough to make all of us afraid. No one today, at least no one with any sense, can enjoy freedom from fear.

Some of us have more reason to fear than others. Think of our doctors and nurses, or our sick and elderly. Think of our fellow citizens who have lost their livelihoods. Then think about those who have become visible scapegoats for our predicament.

On Wednesday, a group of prominent Chinese Australians issued an open letter warning that national unity was at risk. According to the group, which includes former Australian of the Year John Yu, writer Benjamin Law and chef Adam Liaw, “the recent rise in anti-Chinese sentiment is driving a marked escalation in racial abuse against Asian Australians”.’

Has Tim Soutphommasane taken into account the massive changes across Australian society that have escalated since 2013 with the Liberal Coalition in power? 

How Howard’s immigration and visa manipulation programs have intensified with people largely sourced from the one destination of China. 

Further, Tim writes:

‘Minorities rarely fare well during pandemics. In the current case, Chinese and Asian Australians were almost certain to be targeted for backlash.’

What are the true numbers of Chinese immigrants, ‘permanent residents’ in Australia, is it 3 or 4 Million or more?  How can that large number be called a minority?

With the property sector seeking the Ultra High Net Worth and HNW to buy into the high-rise precincts and across the housing supply of detached and attached homes … as Australians are sidelined.  Locked out of their own communities … where they grew up!

In Australia developers (including Chinese developers) are able to sell exclusively to buyers in China, (FIRB Ruling) and to sell not just an apartment but a level of a tower development to these clients.

-Australian Real Estate is awash with ‘black money’ (Real Estate Gatekeepers exempt from AML Laws; October 2018)

-many unemployed (19.7% in Australia including 1 million unable to find a job … prior to CoronaVirus) with Visa Workers taking their place

PERHAPS these factors alone could have angered Australians? 

BUT now Australians have either lost their jobs or are about to!  Our governments are providing rescue and relief packages on the advice of the Labor Opposition and Union leaders, but how many will fall between the cracks?

LIVES are upside down with:

-social distancing

-lockdowns and isolation

IS it any wonder that there is anger out there in the community with people fearful of becoming ill or losing their lives to this suffocating illness? 

A minority may have verbally expressed their anger … is that the only price that the wave of foreign buyers have had to pay?  To in turn make much noise expressing a heightened sensitivity? 

And then to take the opportunity to pull ‘the race card’?

Tim conceded that the virus did originate in Wuhan, China. The Chinese government did fail to respond quickly enough to the outbreak but despite the facts he writes, ‘Viruses don’t have ethnic or racial characteristics.’ 

But isn’t this more about where so many viruses have originated from?  And why?

WHERE did these diseases emanate from?

1957 “Asian flu” ,

1968 “Hong Kong flu” and

1977 “Russian flu”

2002 Sars

From a report in The Guardian, ‘How did CoronaVirus start and where did it come from? Was it really Wuhan’s animal market?’


Dr Michelle Baker, an immunologist at CSIRO who studies viruses in bats, says some of the research on Covid-19’s origins have stepped off from what was known from the past. …

“These wet markets have been identified as an issue because you do have species interacting,” she says. “It’s an opportunity to highlight the dangers of them and an opportunity to clamp down on them.”

Tim then raises ‘And for some time now, anti-Chinese sentiment has been brewing. Often running alongside concerns about Chinese Communist Party “fifth columnists” … ‘

Perhaps with good reason from the former ASIO Boss who warns on Chinese interference in Australia in November 2019

WHO is not listening? WHY does this message have to be repeated?

Just about every day People from Our Big Neighbour to the North are in the headlines … whether it be about …

-buying up $Millions of Harbourside Real Estate

-buying up huge tracts of land across Australia; owning most of Tasmania

changing peaceful rural villages into high-rise Chinese cities

-pulling the race card with volunteers flanking council meetings

data breach of ANU

-attempting to take over University Unions

political donations to get what they want

daigou shoppers; shoplifting

money laundering in our Real Estate

View: ‘Insidious’:  Former ASIO Boss warns on Chinese interference in Australia’

View: ‘Guests on Gladys Liu List for Malcolm Turnbull event sparked ASIO concerns’

How the ABC first reported Gladys Liu's links to a secretive Chinese influence network

View: ‘ASIO warns parties that taking China cash could compromise Australia’


Huang Xiangmo 

Landbridge, Ye Cheng

Andrew Robb

Peter Jennings, ASPI

Foreign Investment Review Board (the FIRB)

David Irvine

Policies and rulings including the FIRB ruling allowing developers to sell 100% of ‘new homes’ to foreign buyers

The Morrison Government Anti-money Laundering Laws exemption for the Real Estate Gatekeepers (October 2018)

Greenland and Country Garden now known as Risland scooping up Australia’s PPE

Reports from:  Chris Uhlmann, Nick McKenzie, Richard Baker, Daniel Flitton, Sashka Koloff

And more related articles!

Then Tim wrote  ‘Prime Minister Scott Morrison has to date spoken about our society and economy going into a period of hibernation. And in his speech to Parliament on Wednesday, he spoke about “defending and protecting Australia’s national sovereignty”.    

That raises the question, ‘Has the penny finally dropped for Scomo?’

Many Australians would say ‘not before time, Tim!’  Concerned that there is not much left!

Has the wholesale sell-off, sell out of Australia been a consequence of ‘interference in our political system’ through political donations and attendance of our political representatives and business leaders at lavish Chinese community events?  Recipients of expensive gifts?

With the CCP owning many of our Ports including the gateway to Australia, the Darwin Port (99 year lease), John Holland was purchased by China Communications Construction Company International Holding Limited (CCCI), power, transport, airports, mines, property (incl. residential, commercial and agricultural incl. cattle stations, sheep stations, most of our dairy, grain, fruit and vegetable farms, vineyards; water) healthcare incl. chains of private hospitals, pharmacy

IT would seem that the Chinese who call themselves ‘Chinese Australians’, is that to differentiate, have exercised far too much influence through political donations to gain extensive advantages over Australian constituents?  

Has the ‘race card’ been pulled to frighten, to silence Australians?  To diminish Australians to prevent them from having their say?  It would seem it has been a successful ploy!

We have lost so much of our National Estate to the Chinese Communist Party!  And many Australians are alarmed that there is a board which flogs off our Title Deeds!  That our Title Deeds have become our biggest EXPORT item

The FIRB has only rejected five foreign investment applications!

IT goes further … ‘the political interference’ it would appear has been so extensive that our laws and government policies have changed to allow developers to sell 100% of ‘new homes’ to foreign buyers particularly in China. 

-FIRB Ruling 2008/09

-50% sell off to overseas buyers only applies to developments of 50 plus dwellings

When foreign buyers … particularly from China … buy a home they can gain a ‘Permanent Resident Visa’, some gain this Visa even before leaving their homeland!

‘Flood of wealthy Hong Kong residents hopeful of buying Australian property’

obtain their visa before purchase to avoid the foreign buyer tax

WHY should Australian taxpayers have to foot the bill for more costly infrastructure to benefit the Real Estate Sector and the new ‘permanent residents’?




and they can launder ‘black money’.  Australia’s real estate is awash with ‘black money’ …. Because the Real Estate Gatekeepers are exempt from AML Laws!  (October 2018)

How come developers can exclusively market an apartment development overseas particularly in China?

How come developers here in Australia can sideline Australian buyers by limiting a sale to a floor level of an apartment development? That is level 1, level 2, level 3 …

During this period from 2013 a whole cohort of Australian Constituents have been locked out of the housing market

Tim continues … ‘However, will we ever return to what we knew as normal? In politics, a Coalition government is acting (at least temporarily) like a social democratic one, having introduced a massive stimulus package. Beyond politics, in work and in society, many of the old rules may no longer exist.’

If this had not been implemented the Australian Society would have imploded … did the Morrison Government heed the advice of Labor and the ACTU because it understood the repercussions would have been far worse for the economy if they did not act accordingly …. or even worse there may have been a coup … a revolution?

TS: ‘It’s still too soon to know, but our pandemic response may end up less of a hibernation, and more of a transition. History shows that crises are often moments for transforming society. Rather than merely a challenge of national defence, as the PM suggests, this pandemic also presents one of reconstruction.’

Isn’t it obvious Globalisation, the Trickle Down Effect have failed us?  That there are far better economic managers than Australia … look at the Scandinavian countries …

We must not forget that this ‘Pandemic Response’ has been a consequence of the Morrison Government heeding the advice of the Labor opposition and the ACTU!

‘Having pulled up the drawbridge for now, there’s a risk of our national sentiment becoming too insular, too defensive. What’s needed isn’t so much a rallying cry of sovereignty, but one of nation-building. If we need trust, it’s not only trust in government, it’s trust among citizens.’

Trust, Tim, trust who?  Since 2013 our Society has been turned upside down!

What we have seen so far of ‘Nation Building’ has meant we have to get out of the way … to make way for ‘Permanent Residents’ … that our little children have been cooped up in demountable classrooms many without air-conditioning … our suburbs rezoned for higher density for the people of China to fly in and buy our neighbourhoods bulldozed along with urban bushlands and heritage … and swathes of suburbs bulldozed for toll roads, toxic tunnels and stacks … many have their homes compulsorily acquired as others remain to be surrounded by toll roads … all allegedly to match the population growth … but what is behind it all are the profits, the share portfolios, the dividends for those that got in early …

Image may contain: sky, tree and outdoor
CAAN Photo: Rozelle barricaded for WestConnex Western Harbour Tunnel

Schools full-up, buses and trains full-up and roads congested … our families not only locked out by ‘black money’ in the housing market but also locked out of placement at universities unable to pay the high fees …

Are you suggesting that we give up what sovereignty is left to allow for more CHINESE UHNW and HNW to take what is left too?

‘The kind of nation we rebuild – the kind of social contract we re-enact – will be determined not just by government, but by us as citizens.’

Will that mean even more ‘foreign interference’ to rebuild Australia particularly in NSW with the Berejiklian Government expediting development?

‘In these extraordinary times, nearly all our lives have grown more ordinary. The little things, the small gestures and exchanges between us, have taken on new meaning. All the more reason to stamp out the racism, often insidious, creeping into the lives of many of our fellow Australians.’

Indeed, these are extraordinary times because never before have we had such a huge influx from international travellers able to gain ‘permanent residency’ through real estate tours. 

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling
CAAN Photo; outside Lindfield Station

And the lives of Australians made more ordinary with the lowest wages growth for 60 years … to look forward to life-long tenancythen to be silenced by the CCP ‘Race Card’ …

Is it any wonder, Tim, that some among us … who have been increasingly disadvantaged since 2013 … by any one or more of the events referred to … to now find themselves in this predicament … who have lost their job … under threat of eviction … and may lose their car and possessions … may ‘lose it’?