NSW Govt expedites Development … again …

Dinah Lewis Boucher writes in The Urban Developer, ‘NSW Fast Tracks Construction and Development Planning’:


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CAAN Photo … where there was a cottage and a garden redevelopment for 10 townhouses … 10 X sewer … Sydney’s sewer pipes more than 100 years old; the system built for a population of 3.5 Million only !!!

HERE’S how it is being done … through the very much amended … perhaps that should read butchered … ‘Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979’ … No 203, 10.17 COVID-19 pandemic—Ministerial orders

(1) During the prescribed period, the Minister may, by order published in the Gazette, authorise development to be carried out on land without the need for any approval under the Act or consent from any person. … WT ****


‘New South Wales will fast-track the planning process for development applications in a bid to keep the construction sector ticking, as it maintains a pipeline of work through the Covid-19 crisis.

The state also announced plans to invest $70 million to co-fund “essential” infrastructure towards roads, drainage and public parks to support the construction of new houses in Sydney’s north west.

-infrastructure for 31,000 homes in Blacktown and The Hills over 5 years

Assessments of state significant developments, rezoning and development applications will be fast-tracked under the New South Wales changes, announced Friday.’

-to resuscitate a suffocating economy …

-following the recent decision to allow construction sites across the state to operate on weekends and public holidays *

DESPITE confirmed Covid-19 cases of workers on sites, in recent weeks.

‘Under the planning system acceleration program ‘the state will support councils and planning panels to fast-track local and regionally significant development applications, introduce a ‘one stop shop’ to progress projects still in the system, and clear the current backlog of cases still in the Land and Environment Court.’

-including SSD of hospitals, schools, waste management, energy generating facilities and correctional facilities

HOW convenient for the developer lobby to push their own barrow, and NSW Planning to seize on the opportunity of the ‘lockdown’ and the loss of our civil liberties to ignite construction because no-one can protest?

Will nothing get in the way of ‘The Mob’ when Australia could seize on the opportunity of restoring its manufacturing?

And create JOBS and an export market of quality goods?

Rather than putting all our eggs in the one basket of NSW construction serving a CCP money laundering demand? And the devastating consequences of locking our Families out of home ownership in their own country …

With China having taken a self-made battering through its biological bombs? And then exporting them across the Globe ….

HASN’T the price already been too high for NSW Constituents without NSW INC again boosting its Stamp Duty surpluses?

STOKES has now been granted powers under the COVID-19 Amendment Bill up to 12 months …

WHAT we can do while we ‘Stay Home’ … and practice ‘Social Distancing’ … copy and paste the information here into an email and make your objection(s) that you do not want:

-MORE high-rise tower precincts
-the so-called Medium Density of Terraces, Townhouses, ManorHouses …. Replacing our Garden Suburbs

-bulldozing our Heritage Homes, Urban Bushlands

-more Toll Roads, Toxic Tunnels and Stacks

-high-rise schools

-further privatisation of our Public Rail for Hong Kong MTR Metro and dangerous narrow tunnels

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CAAN Photo: Rozelle in the path of WestConnex; the site was shut down on a Saturday but not now following the recent decision to allow construction sites across the state to operate on weekends and public holidays *


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Jamie Parker 9230 2803 or 9660 7586


WRITE to your local State Members, your local Councillors and tell them these new Planning Powers must be removed!

OR there will be more of this! As they bulldoze and build on weekends too!

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CAAN Photo the Godzillas of Meadowbank; jammed in

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CAAN Photo: duplex development the size of a block of flats. Construction occurred on weekends; a concrete pour at 8,00 pm – among a number of pours; latrines close to the footpath; constant noise and mess … what a reward … so fugly and it remains vacant … black money?