HOW risky is it Living in a High-Rise Apartment?

Passengers were temporarily stopped from entering platforms at Green Square station on Tuesday morning.
Passengers were temporarily stopped from entering platforms at Green Square station on Tuesday morning. Read more:


APART from …

-the lack of personal space
-limited privacy
-noise intrusion

To name a few disadvantages … what about the following especially in this time of the Covid19 Pandemic

This virus survives on metal surfaces so …

-how safe are those handrails on the stairwell?

-how safe are those handrails in the lift or the buttons in the lift?

-how safe are those front door handles at the main entry?

how many times a day and night are all these surfaces disinfected?

AFTERALL high-rise high-density living was imposed upon us in Australia through developers lobbying to make a MOTZA (storey upon storey) by selling overseas particularly in China (with its 1.4 Billion People) up to 100% of the ‘new homes’!

-*millions of Chinese have flown to Australia on Real Estate Tours at least *doubling the number of dwellings now on this Planet emitting Co2! *

KEY POINTS made by the Planning Professionals in this Report in ‘The Fifth Estate’:

Planning in an era of COVID-19 and high density living

-most likely, population density is playing a role in transmission rates

-densely populated places such as Hong Kong and Singapore managing the spread better than countries that have a more dispersed urban form

.however Singapore is now experiencing a second wave

-high density cities such as Barcelona and Madrid aren’t faring so well; the key being social distancing and isolation

-coronavirus might make people reconsider the desirability of some of the most high-density housing stock

people won’t want to be riding in lifts or touching shared surfaces as much

-the pandemic has driven up the value of parks and other public spaces

community infrastructure needs to be on an equal footing as with pipes and roads

-from development contributions and the “broader public purse”; developers must cut their massive profits from dwelling construction at estim. * $200,000 each *

planning regulations were devised for public health

.for fresh air circulating, separation between dwellings, setbacks, lots of natural light, and to reduce crowding

-many high-density interior layouts “might not be ideal”; need for more private enclosed spaces within dwellings

-health implications of the development of Green Square; larger family units bought dwellings designed for singles or couples

NOTE … CAAN has learnt through notification of a Contributor who went to buy an apartment in ASQUITH recently only to learn that it was not available because buyers could only purchase ‘a level’!

Level 1, 2, 3 … and that the development was marketed overseas not in Australia!


The Green Square precinct will become Australia's most densely populated area within the next decade.
The Green Square precinct will become Australia’s most densely populated area within the next decade.CREDIT:JANIE BARRETT
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