THE minimum Number of Members expected to pass JOBKEEPER $130 Bn Wage Subsidy Plan …


IT is interesting that …

‘WORKCHOICES’ isn’t dead at all … we have often thought it was lurking in the background … the free marketeers would seize any opportunity to bring it back in a flash

-it’s no myth Sally McManus nailed it, Porter has been under pressure to incorporate bits of ‘W/C’ … the Libs will never give up

-we have had exchanges with their likes … the so-called ‘self made‘ business folk … the only ones to work hard … aka ‘selfish’ immovable primitives fully immersed in the Trickle down economic belief system, social Darwinists and dogmatists.

.their agenda includes removing the Fair Work Act, Fair Work Ombudsman and Awards replacing the system with individual work contracts, removing the word ‘employment’

FROM the perspective of the damage caused to Australian Society … a whole Cohort of Unemployed Australians … through the abuse of the Temporary Visa Worker by employers (introduced by the Howard Govt in the late 1990s – no less!) … keen to exploit their labour with low wages … long hours …

-it has worked both ways … they have come here lured by the opportunity to gain ‘Permanent Residency’

PERHAPS now the Federal Government have got it right on this issue?

-the fact is those unscrupulous employers who have taken advantage of people prepared to work ‘off the books’ are not going to easily claim JOBKEEPER Payments because the employee/s have had to be on the books for 12 months or more!

It’s a bit tricky to somehow invent a paper trail back into previous financial year … gotcha you effing B’s!

FINALLY … they have been forced to recognise a lot of casuals in the workforce are

.being paid cash in hand, off the books, and they have paid no income tax, and no Medicare levy

.a lot of casuals have been paid under award rates

FURTHER, a lot of the 1.2 MILLION VISA WORKERS are included in this cohort

SO excluding them from assistance is for once being consistent …

.should Australia include these people in our assistance packages now if so we would be the only country in the World to do so

.with our unemployment rate to grow to over 6 MILLION (it was 19.7% prior to the CoronaVirus; not the contrived 5.2%)

HOW and why are we expected to fund foreigners here?

.would Australians abroad be treated the same, clearly the answer is no!


Coronavirus JobKeeper support package worth $130 billion set to pass Parliament

Coalition sit spaced apart.
PHOTO: A shrunken and socially distanced Parliament will vote on the laws today. (ABC News: Matt Roberts)