WHY are Aussie Fisher Folk overlooking the domestic market?

A box of lobsters.
PHOTO: The lobster beach price has plummeted from highs of up to $90 a kilogram in January to $20 this week. (ABC News: Robert Koenig-Luck)

IS this an example of where Australians attitudes are at?

HERE in Australia are we more concerned about fisher folk making a few bucks rather than Australia having its own medicinal and allied manufacturing that could employ thousands of people and make us independent of imports?

-indeed did we see these fishers sell their lobster stock on the domestic market at greatly reduced prices?

IN Landline Sean Murphy writes ‘Australian fishermen brokering deal to fly lobsters to China, get coronavirus medical supplies in return’


‘Australia’s biggest wild-caught fishery is trying to secure an air freight charter to China to maintain a foothold in the world’s biggest seafood market — and possibly bring back medical supplies to Australia on the return trip.

Key points:

  • China’s demand for live lobster fell off a cliff in late January as the COVID-19 crisis became more serious
  • The industry was at that stage worth up to $500 million per year
  • Demand has returned but there are few available flights to get the product into China

The western rock lobster industry was worth up to $500 million a year before the COVID-19 pandemic arrived, and about 95 per cent of the product was air freighted to China.

A trickle of trade resumed in February and demand has steadily grown since then — and around 80 per cent of vendors have resumed trading at China’s biggest seafood market in Guangzhou.’