Shoppers strip supermarket shelves as part of the scheme. Picture: A Current Affair

Shoppers strip supermarket shelves as part of the scheme. Picture: A Current Affair

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IS it reasonable to think information about COVID 19 deaths from’ the MK’ is accurate … given it is

.a totalitarian regime
.all information is issued by official Communist Government sources
.a closed society where independent verification is not possible or permitted?

Beijing Censors Photo of Wuhan Locals Lining Up at Funeral Home | NTD

Chinese netizens are angry after internet censors deleted a picture circulating on social media of people lining up to pick up their family members’ ashes from a funeral home in #Wuhan, ground zero of China’s #virus epidemic.


How China Destroyed Evidence of the Outbreak: Wuhan CoronaVirus


Why Patients Are Not Counted as New Virus Cases in Wuhan | NTD


Why do we seem to maintain a state of collective amnesia, blindness and stupidity about

.being self-reliant

.the MK supporting the production of vital supplies

Healthcare workers are worried about a scarcity of protective gear as they battle the coronavirus.
Healthcare workers are worried about a scarcity of protective gear as they battle the coronavirus.CREDIT:JASON SOUTH

‘The Health Workers Union had been inundated by calls and emails from “fearful” health workers without access to personal protective equipment (PPE) and many were considering resigning.’ 

Equinox Orthopaedics chief executive Philip Crealy said most medical equipment is made in China!

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INDEED why have many of our media outlets failed to even mention what GREENLAND and RISLAND (formerly known as COUNTRY GARDEN) did?  That is buying up tonnes of our medical supplies and shipping it to the MK?

.that we sail into the future with an ideological addiction to so-called ‘free trade’

-where we are diving to the bottom
-operating where a level playing field disadvantages ourselves
-where reciprocity is ignored

AND all conspiring to demonstrate to the World we are prepared to sacrifice weaker sectors of our economy to uphold a market driven dogma …

IS it the case we are at the mercy of FOREIGN SOURCES for much of what our Public Health system needs to function?

IS it the case we have driven our Public Health system so hard that it has adopted a ‘JIT’ (just in time) position concerning inventories?

That there is little in store to cover emergencies?

We seem to ensure we have a well-equipped bush fire response capability,(thank goodness) is this because it’s largely about Property, Private Property?


Isn’t it a bit odd that a country sends urgently needed PPE to Western Countries knowing it will fail …

(Don’t get me started, we all ought to be angry!)

Beijing eased export curbs on medical equipment in March, prompting factories to look overseas where there has been an acute shortage of medical equipment © Bloomberg