HIGH RISE HARRY and The Evolution of ‘The Greater Sydney Commission’ … the GSC

Community Action Alliance for NSW· July 11, 2016 

HIGH RISE HARRY AND THE EVOLUTION OF “THE GREATER SYDNEY COMMISSION” … THE GSC … Please share because this is now what we are being told!

A little history leading up to the Evolution of the GSC Chaired by Lucy Turnbull … this dates back to 27 June 2013 in the AFR.

In a letter to the Editor of the AFR the writer responded to Mr Harry Triguboff , Mr Meriton “Make NSW planning fast and simple”.

…… Mr Triguboff wants to transfer all power over to Town Planners, along with private certifiers.

The avenue he is urging for this streamlined approach is ‘code assessable development’ (now known as ‘code compliant development’ ) through which community consultation is bypassed, and there is no assessment of the impact of the developments on your amenity, the environment, local character and heritage.

“Developers want all the boxes ticked to prevent investigation of the potential impacts of their developments. …… .” Read more!

Lucy Turnbull appointed to head up The Greater Sydney Commission



Mr Triguboff is not only No. 1 on the 2016 BRW Top 200 Rich List but many believe he is No. 1 in NSW … does he pull all the strings? Afterall he has “Friends in High Places” …

Lucy Turnbull labels Chatswood CBD Model to creating High-Rise across Sydney

Refer to: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/newslocal/north-shore/lucy-turnbull-labels-chatswood-cbd-model-to-creating-highrise-across-sydney/news-story/c2ffeb6ec4c458afc31e02b2de34c928

THE newly appointed chairwoman of the Greater Sydney Commission — Lucy Turnbull — has hailed Chatswood as the ideal model for high density urban growth.

Mrs Turnbull made the comments to the ‘North Shore Times’ before attending the launch of Meriton’s $700 million mixed-use Centrium apartments in Chatswood on December 3.

Meriton Group launched its Chatswood Towers


2016 The Planners take over the Sydney of the Future


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