CHINA attempts to Save Face about CoronaVirus through its Machinations … to blame the U.S.

In a report by Author Elise Thomas, she reveals that ‘Chinese Diplomats and Western Fringe Media Outlets push the same CoronaVirus Conspiracies‘ that the disease arose in the United States … WT *!


VIEW: Diplomats and Western Fringe Media Outlets push the same CoronaVirus Conspiracies

DESPITE the numerous reports of like-Viruses emanating from China, videos revealing different animals caged on top of one another … with excrement droppings … slaughtering of animals in both wildlife and wet markets … their bodies either hanging or draped over tables … on the ground … without refrigeration … the very pooor hygiene especially in China’s rural regions not yet addressed by Xi Jinping notwithstanding the millions driven from these regions to be urbanised …

VIEW: Reports on Wet and Wildlife Markets in China … across Asia

In this milieu the CCP attempts to rewrite what in fact happened!

MEANWHILE contrary to the security and interests of Western Society a Western Fringe and conspiracy media have emerged supporting this CCP Spin. How did this come about?

Through a twitter account of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs a claim alleged that the source of the virus was a US Military bio-warfare lab at Fort Detrick

These tweets have been re-tweeted through Chinese diplomatic accounts.

IS this all fuelling racism against foreigners in China?

If China knew about ‘patient zero’ in November or as early as October, yet it did nothing to shut down 100,000 people public events, and to stop their people travelling overseas, who is at fault here?

GO figure … how very likely is it that we will see more of Beijing’s state-linked misinformation as China becomes more antagonistic in the Western information ecosystem … ?