DEVELOPERs COURT Rules Against Northern Beaches Council and Community for $5M Frenchs Forest Boarding House

An article has appeared in ‘The Manly Daily’, ‘Developer wins battle against Northern Beaches Council for $5M Frenchs Forest Boarding House’

SO we talk about what we know, and what’s in it for the Property Sector …

A proposal for a $5M boarding house labelled as a “new generation boarding house” … that looks like a commercial building has been approved after a long legal battle with Northern Beaches Council.

The Land and Environment Court is perhaps known as ‘the developers court’ for good reason … because despite more than 100 submissions the developer has been granted approval by this court.

‘The project called ‘The Beehive’ looks to promote “affordable housing in a desirable location” and has been designed as “key worker housing” for Northern Beaches Hospital — with it just 600m from the health facility at 10 Naree Rd.

It would include the demolition of existing structures on the site, trees and the construction of a three-storey, 27-bedroom complex with parking for 11 cars, five motorcycles and five bicycles.

The plans incorporate accessible rooms, accommodation for an on-site manager and each room comes with its own bathroom and kitchen facilities with an additional communal kitchen, living room and private open space. It would accommodate a maximum of 50 people.

The original proposal was for 39 rooms with 16 parking spaces.

SO the local residents objected because this proposal would rob them of what they have paid for! The amenity of a low-rise low-density bushland suburb, and in an area already subjected to inadequate parking. Why would they accept a bulky boarding house in their midst? That is not in character with the area to adversely impact neighbours on all sides!

How did we get here? How come the best on offer for ‘Key Workers’ are boarding houses? AND an afterthought following the opening of the Northern Beaches Hospital …

Not a home of their own … how come? With the only option to find a home 60 – 80 Kms from the CBD/ their workplace or a boarding house near where they work?

IS this because NSW INC policies have been written by the ‘deve-loper Family’ … The Mob? So they market their dwellings 100% overseas, and ‘hot money’ is awash in Australian real estate?

HOW come our beautiful middle ring bushland suburbs are being bulldozed?

WHO instigated this? Was it HT … the Concrete Kings … their lobby groups ?


The benevolent developer applicant in this matter, Michael Williamson, made a public submission:

“Unlike other hospitals, Frenchs Forest hospital has very limited accommodation and public transport options in proximity to the hospital,”

“The proposed development will provide much-needed affordable rental housing in close proximity to the hospital and will therefore help reduce traffic in the area as well as reliance on cars and public transport as hospital and shopping centre staff will be able to walk to work.


‘The proposed development also fits in well with the local character and has been carefully designed to respect the privacy and amenity of the adjoining properties.”

DESPITE its size of three-storeys, a bulky 27-bedroom complex with parking for 11 cars, five motorcycles and five bicycles … that compliments the local character of bungalows and two-storey cottages … yeah …

Then he reckons it is compliant … namely because of the Sting of ‘Exempt and Complying Development’ that has done away with the D.A. And in the public interest with ‘Key Workers’ housed in boarding houses that cost them $400 to $450 per week in rent … locking them out of the Housing Market!

Prior to this … a boarding house site approval at 26 Frenchs Forest Rd East, Frenchs Forest …

AND another boarding house on the market has been built and is leasing out rooms at 130 Frenchs Forest Road, Frenchs Forest.

Boarding house development at 130 Frenchs Forest Road West, Frenchs Forest. Picture: Google Streetview
Boarding house development at 130 Frenchs Forest Road West, Frenchs Forest. Picture: Google Streetview

HOW convenient for developers when there is no hotel in the Northern Beaches Hospital area to capture relatives of hospital patients, doctors working long shifts, and aspiring Australian First Home Buyers living in studio accommodation.

YET their ‘Key Worker Parents’ were able to save a deposit for a mortgage … hm … is that now the ‘trickle down effect’?

PLEASE SHARE TO LET OTHERS KNOW … a ‘Boarding House’ maybe coming for where they live …


-the FIRB Ruling allowing developers to sell new homes 100% overseas

-visa manipulation …

-the Morrison Government exempted the Real Estate Gatekeepers from Anti-money Laundering Laws in October 2018