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AGAIN another piece talking up the concept …

BUT the fact this is a Totalitarian Regime is forgotten!  With only one set of Rules … their own!

LOOKS like this is more or less a perpetuation of this Public PR collective amnesia mentality

‘where would we be without them’


.‘owe it them for our prosperity’

AND … yes the old worn-out guilt trip is trotted out yet again

.’that it up to us to continue to prosper

THE KEY making sure we look after the political relations … that’s CODE for …

.not being so aligned with the U.S. … you must be kidding, we made our move in 1941/42 and we ought to make sure we never forget it!

AND this is trotted out in the midst of the CoronaVirus which is having huge ramifications for the health,  and well-being of Societies across the Globe …

-due to factory closures in China businesses here in Australia are unable to get their supplies to either assemble goods and/or provide/sell commodities

restaurants are forced to throw out their supplies

RATHER than again ‘putting all our eggs in the one basket-case’ of an alternative to China of say India … why not seek a World-wide Market and …

WHAT IF the Australian Government in order to retrieve the Australian Economy gave an economic BOOST to restart Australian Manufacturing … to again become self-reliant and an EXPORTER!!!

‘Five years on from the Australia-China free-trade agreement, dealing with the world’s biggest nation remains a challenge, writes Madeleine Stuchbery in ‘CHINA SYNDROME’ …

Step into any Chinese supermarket

It is a stark reminder that five years after Australia signed a free-trade deal that was meant to put us in the box seat with China, we are one of many players in the country. … And indeed, grabbing the limelight in the “show” appears to be getting harder, not easier.

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Photo: AgJournal China Syndrome

Australian farmers have been sold the narrative that China is an exporter’s utopia; a bountiful land where, if you can get a foot in the door, countless riches abound.

But it isn’t. Since 2015, Australian businesses have discovered the heavy hand of Chinese bureaucracy, political power plays and disease outbreaks are more challenging than any import-duty cuts.’

MEANWHILE rather than Australian farmers selling their produce to China … China has been encouraged, it appears, by the Foreign Investment Review Board to fly in and buy large tracts of agricultural lands, Agricultural Property including beef cattle stations, cropping, wool, dairy, vineyards, etc, etc

China is Australia’s largest trading partner by far, buying a staggering $116 billion of Australian exports in 2017. Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade figures show China bought about $13 billion of our agricultural produce in 2017.’

One must wonder how much of that $116 Billion now belongs to Australia?

Read more: ‘Who Owns Australia’s Land and Water?’

THIS is aside from China’s investment in commercial property and Australian domestic housing!

WHY are there so many real estate tours … particularly from China if there is not another agenda? As a whole Cohort of Australians are locked out of the Housing Market …

-Chinese buy up high-rise Precincts where there were previously Business Parks, businesses and jobs

-whole house and land packages where there were farmlands, bushlands and native habitat

-next will it be the Medium-Density of rows of terraces, townhouses, Manor Houses, villas, triplex and duplex for which our Australian Heritage and Mid-Century Homes are to be demolished?

Doug Driscoll also revealed in February 2019:

‘Fears one million Aussie homes could soon be owned by foreign buyers’

Australia is selling off natural resources, farmland and property to China at a “crazy” rate — putting us at risk of becoming the “24th province” of the East Asian behemoth.

That’s according to real estate expert Doug Driscollwho warned of the urgent need to start a national conversation about foreign ownership of residential property in particular.


Why is it that China limits access to Australian producers of blueberries, apples, avocados and potatoes?

Is it because they are still largely Australian-owned?

The author raises ‘ … political relations between Australia and China have been strained in recent times. The 2018 decision to ban Chinese telco company Huawei from supplying 5G internet infrastructure in Australia amid intelligence security concerns, for example, soured relations between the two nations.’

However, many Australians were alarmed about this and many other issues involving China long before this! As revealed in the ABC/Fairfax series known as ‘CHINA POWER’

Alarmed by the loss of our security with the sell-off of Our Ports, including the Darwin Port … the gateway to Australia, Power … engineering construction and defence projects company John Holland now owned by Chinese State-owned CCCC … mines, healthcare including chains of private hospitals, airports, fuel … etc, etc …

The loss of our Sovereignty with the sell-off of commercial, agricultural and residential property … our biggest export being our Title Deeds!

AND the Anti-Money Laundering Legislation for the Real Estate Sector was again shelved in 2018 …

Read more:


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