Go-Ahead for Terraces and Manor Houses … so-called Medium Density

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CAAN Photo …

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CAAN Photo: say this goes up nextdoor to a Heritage cottage … or a mid-century home?

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CAAN Photo: And this one on the other side?

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CAAN Photo: only a few years old; staining on concrete; built forward of its neighbours.

CAAN has already spotted concrete cancer among some new large rendered homes! Including a balcony falling apart!

CONCRETE emits CO2 … Search CAAN Website for the report from Jago Dodson.

The carbon devil in the detail on urban density

To Developers Delight!

CAAN has a look at this report today in the SMH: ‘Go Ahead Given for Medium-Density Homes

‘There will be no further delays to the introduction of a code that will make it easier for landowners and developers to build terraces and other medium-density homes, NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes says.’

The Medium-Density Housing Code came into force two years ago but due to widespread community condemnation, and the support from 45 councils deferral was gained until July this year.

Unless the Medium-Density Code has been amended it allowed for as many as 10 terraces on a 600M2 lot!

Meanwhile the property sector High-Rise Developers continue to beaver away for more approvals … and now this! Originally the Spin was that higher density would be addressed by High-Rise Precincts near railway stations … but. of course, they always want more!

-two dozen councils have not completed planning proposals

Adam Searle, Labor Planning Spokesman said this shows a ‘complete disregard’ for communities and councils

-and has called on the minister to continue the deferred implementation of this policy

Planning Minister Rob Stokes is pushing for medium-density housing to meet growing demand for homes.
Planning Minister Rob Stokes is pushing for medium-density housing to meet growing demand for homes. CREDIT:ANTHONY JOHNSON

HAS the NSW Government thoroughly investigated the likelihood of ‘unintended consequences’ for low-density residential zoned suburbs?

Apart from the injustice of developers having been granted ‘Exempt and Complying Development’ which eliminates the community rights of established residents …

Already across Sydney residents have experienced as many as 8 or more demolitions and redevelopments in their street with excavations, concrete pours as late as 8.00 p.m.; tradie trucks parking out their street and neighbouring streets; roads and footpaths dug up, new piping installed … smelly latrines on the edge of the footpath etc, etc …and this goes on for 12 months or more …

And an empty ‘fugly fortress’ 12 months later … and continuing

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CAAN Photo: a duplex; looks like a block of flats

Along with loss of amenity from the new dwelling(s) built forward of the setback, close to the fence and the ‘new home’ looking into the neighbour’s living room …

And consequences from excavations, water run-off, inadequate stormwater and sewers, creating expense for the established residents …

Developers also outbid First Home Buyers

WILL the Berejiklian Government demand the Morrison Government put a stop to the FIRB Ruling allowing developers to sell 100% of ‘new homes’ to overseas buyers? … Obviously this is why despite so much ‘overdevelopment’ a whole Cohort of Australians remain locked out of ‘Home Ownership’!

HOW can the Medium-Density Housing Code deliver a greater diversity of housing supply for Australians both First Home Buyers and Retirees?

-when competing with money-laundering foreign buyers

Read more about the Real Estate Gatekeepers made exempt from AML Laws in October 2018!

Real estate wins another reprieve from money laundering laws

HOW can one have confidence with all the Planning Law changes … and the evidence to date of oversized fugly fortresses … that sympathetic development will ensue?

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CAAN Photo unsympathetic development in low-rise area north-western Sydney

READ MORE from ‘Go Ahead given for Medium-Density Homes’




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CAAN Photo: Townhouse development where there was a cottage and a market garden.