Developer Spruiker touts for more immigration …

THE CONSEQUENCES for a Whole Cohort of Australians … as our Cities grow at a rapid rate from high Immigration and Visa Manipulation … are they are pushed out! Contrary to what developer spruikers tout …

SEARCH CAAN WEBSITE to see where Dr Shane Geha is coming from …

URBAN PLANNER’S left-field idea to boost infrastructure: More IMMIGRATION



EXTRACT: ‘Virus shows we need more immigration’

by Frank Chung

8th Mar 2020

Dr Shane Geha, managing director of EG Urban Planning, worries the government’s current travel restrictions on visitors coming from China, South Korea and Iran could fuel broader anti-immigration sentiment.

“This hysteria is a little bit over the top, if not really over the top,” he told “That’s not to say we shouldn’t be careful with pandemics – public health is very important – but if you over-size a problem it’s as bad as under-sizing a problem.”

He said there were growing signs of xenophobia, including people choosing to avoid areas with large Asian populations.

“That is so ridiculous – statistically it’s highly improbable (you will be infected),” he said.

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In an opinion piece for earlier this week, Race Discrimination Commissioner Chin Tan said it was “disappointing” that Australia was one of the “chief culprits” of racism directed at Chinese people due to the coronavirus outbreak and called out the “growing threat from violent right-wing extremism”.

CAAN: On the contrary the Advice from the Australian Government Health Department:to exercise personal responsibility for social distancing measures

-wash your hands frequently with soap and water, before and after eating, and after going to the toilet

-cover your cough and sneeze, dispose of tissues, and use alcohol-based hand sanitiser

-if unwell, avoid contact with others (stay more than 1.5 metres from people)

exercise personal responsibility for social distancing measures

Dr Geha has previously advocated for a massive increase in Australia’s immigration intake to scale its cities and replace an ageing taxpayer demographic, even in the face of growing public debate fuelled by the likes of entrepreneur Dick Smith.

As of June 2019, Australia’s population stood at 25.36 million, with net overseas migration in the year of 238,300. Immigration sceptics have called for a return to more “sustainable” pre-Howard era numbers of 70,000 a year.

Dr Geha says as fears of a recession grow, Australia needs migrants “more now than ever before” to boost economic output and stem the damage to the hard-hit education, tourism and agriculture industries.

“We’ve got a precarious economy that needs itinerant workers, needs students and tourists,” he said. “

SEARCH CAAN WEBSITE to learn more … Australia’s UNEMPLOYMENT is in fact at 19.7% (including 1 Million Australians unable to find work!)

1.6 Million Visa Workers in Australia

-hence lowest wages growth for more than 60 years; insecure work on contract

-a whole Cohort of Australians locked out of home ownership; with competition from foreign Visa holders seeking ‘Permanent Residency’ with Medicare benefits; ‘hot money’ is awash in our Real Estate (real estate gatekeepers exempt from AML Laws; October 2018)

(These industries) are entirely reliant on migrant populations for work. They need these temporary workers, people who are ready to clean beds, pick cotton, pick fruit. There’s going to be a huge shortage of these people. They’re essential to our GDP.”

CAAN: Search CAAN WEBSITE for more reports concerning the vast range of jobs occupied by Visa holders including the professions of Information and Technology, Accountancy, Real Estate Agents, Engineers, Nursing, Healthcare, Pharmacy …. hospitality, nail bars, supermarkets … across the board and not confined as Dr Geha submits!

With 1.6 Million Visa Workers in Australia!

Australia needs migrants ‘more now than ever before’. Picture: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images
Australia needs migrants ‘more now than ever before’. Picture: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

As of Sunday morning Australia had 74 confirmed cases of the virus.

Three people have now died – a 78-year-old West Australian man who had been evacuated from the Diamond Princess cruise ship, a 95-year-old woman and an 82-year-old man, reportedly from the same NSW nursing home.

CAAN: A nursing home in Macquarie Park, Sydney; the epicentre of the CoronaVirus!

Macquarie Park houses the university with its large number of International Students; a complete demographic change at Macquarie Park; the Metro; and the bus service connecting Sydney.

Globally there are now more than 106,000 cases and nearly 3600 confirmed deaths, a fatality rate of around 3.4 per cent. The seasonal flu, by comparison, has a fatality rate of around 0.1 per cent.

Dr Geha argues the mortality rate of COVID-19 does not justify the extreme reaction, and that “you are more likely to win the lottery than die from coronavirus if you are under 50 years of age”.

“I’m the last person that would want to endanger people’s lives, but we’ve also got an economy to manage and we’ve got to do that delicately while we manage public health,” he said.

… Now, if I’m 91 and frail and I’ve got problems, I might have the tragedy of passing away.”

But Dr Geha says in order to pay for healthcare for that ageing demographic, more migrants are needed to replace the tax revenue “generated by the working majority aged between 20 and 60”.

CAAN: This raises the question concerning the access small businesses have to tax minimisation … e.g. the signs at eateries ‘cash only’ …

Prior to the Liberal Coalition sell-off of Public services … these were the source of much tax revenue from workers incomes …

‘The only option other than “importing them” is “breeding them”, he argues, and Australian households are only having 1.9 children on average, “not even replacing mum and dad”. “We have to import people, it’s our destiny,” he said. “The only other options are to increase taxes, go into austerity, reduce services.” ‘

CAAN: WHY are Australians only having 1.9 children on average? Could the number be even less with new ‘Permanent Residents’ having families?

Is this a consequence of the lowest wages growth, loss of housing affordability, high unemployment (19.7%)? Cough … cough …

“To have functional, world-class cities you need to be somewhere between eight and 10 million at least,” he said. Sydney’s population is currently around 5.23 million.

“The densities of some of the most beautiful cities in the world are multiples of Sydney. Sydney is 417 people per square kilometre. London is five times the density, Paris is four times, Tokyo is 10 or 11 times.”

Urban planning expert Dr Shane Geha.
Urban planning expert Dr Shane Geha.

Bigger, denser cities have more effective public transportation, the scale needed for “24/7 services” and also have safer streets, he argues, because density means there are “eyes and ears” everywhere.’

CAAN: Search for reports that counter this argument; that in fact smaller cities are more efficient!

Sydney is surrounded by ocean and/or mountains; expansion is limited.

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