Photo: Oran Park; ABC News: Kevin Nguyen

IT remains the Australian dream, but finding a family home in 2020 means moving to Sydney’s urban fringe and often a killer commute.

HOW did this come about? And just over a couple of decades!

IS it because developers lobbied our governments for an overseas buyer market, high immigration and gained the cooperation back in the late 1990s for Visa Manipulation … whereby Middle Class Chinese gained ‘Flexible Citizenship’ with investment in our Real Estate and Education … and an increasing range of Temporary Visas since facilitating migration through the backdoor with investment to gain a ‘Permanent Resident Visa’?

AND further Rezoning for higher density?

THE CONSEQUENCES of the very long commute and inadequate infrastructure … and the ramifications for these home owners and their families are borne out in this report …

BUT solutions are canvassed … investigated in this ‘Our Bursting Cities’ Report!

BECAUSE if things don’t change, we’re “sleepwalking” our way into a major economic disaster!


VIDEO REPORT: Living on the edge

‘It remains the Australian dream, but finding a family home in 2020 means moving to Sydney’s urban fringe and often a killer commute.

Life in the Olsen household can be chaotic. Kahyla and Matt have six boys, all aged under 13.

Each day, the four who are at school walk home together, have a snack, and then it’s on — footy in the backyard, playing with pets, running amok.

It’s an idyllic life for the young family, who rent a newish, four-bedroom home in Oran Park, in Sydney’s south-west.

But it comes with a major sacrifice.

They’re almost 60km from the CBD, and even further from Matt’s office at Macquarie Park, in the Harbour City’s northern suburbs.’

In the face of huge population growth and a lack of affordable housing, Sydney, like other cities around the country, is spreading outwards.

By 2036, more than 1.5 million people are expected to live in outer south-west areas.’

-Oran Park is at the centre of the expansion; from a population of 200 in 2011 to 12,000 in 2020

-a medium-sized block in Oran Park is 450M2; costs $450,000

-a house and land package for a 4-bedroom home costs between $600,000 and more than $1M

-to live closer to the CBD means a smaller house or an apartment with no backyard; and unaffordable

-Western Sydney is more affordable but comes with a long commute and less opportunity

-Chantelle a hairdresser works from home; her husband a mortgage analyst spends 3 hours a day commuting to the city

-he has cut that back to 2 days a week and started a lawn mowing business to spend more time with his family

-Urbis market report two thirds of Oran Park residents are white-collar workers

-South West Sydney needs more corporate jobs to sustain the population growth

WILL the Western Sydney Airport deliver 200,000 jobs in Western Sydney by 2036? Many doubt it will with AI, robotics …

‘With Oran Park already established, the next housing frontier is 30 minutes further south, at Menangle Park.

Here, livestock still graze on rolling hills turned green by recent rain. It’s one of the last remaining areas in the region that feels like the country.

But it’s slated for a huge housing development.

*So far, Chinese-owned developer Dahua Group has sold only about 200 lots in its estate at Menangle Park, but it wants to build 4,000 homes.


‘The area is 70km from the Sydney CBD, and about 60km from Wollongong.

Menangle Park will soon be home to a new housing estate. ABC News: Kathleen Calderwood