Links to Reports concerning International Students and Visa Rorts

Rejected international students are spending up to five years appealing Department of Home Affairs decisions that say they must leave.

Rejected international students are spending up to five years appealing Department of Home Affairs decisions that say they must leave.

Online Travel Visas drive Boom in Bogus Asylum Seekers


KEY POINTS since the SCOMO GOVERNMENT allowed the online lodgement of tourist visas for Chinese nationals …

This perhaps explains why there are so many Chinese nationals on the bus or the train you catch … apart from the Real Estate Tours , student and work Visas …

from March 2017 to February 2018, 7,304 Chinese nationals on tourist visas made claims for asylum

.compared to just 1,060 in the 12 months prior. *

from February 2017 to September 2019, the total number of Chinese nationals to have claimed asylum is 13,462

a work scam; with increased number of people on bridging visas for an extended stay in Australia to access the labour market…

costing Australian taxpayers; each migrant and refugee case reviewed by the AAT costs between $2137 and $3036 to review

aided and abetted by online travel visas for a

IT has been reported that the majority who work in migration law are aware of applicants and representative who ‘game the system, well knowing there is an automatic entitlement to a bridging visa’

Thousands of International Students rort visa system


March 10 2020


-thousands of international students abuse AAT to extend stays in Australia for years

-rejected students spend years on bridging visas; with unlimited work rights

-more than 10,000 students waiting for AAT to review their cases; with a backlog of migration hearing times to some 77 weeks

-the government has appointed 33 additional members of the migration and refugee division of the AAT to address the workload

-another 11,000 migration matters incl. student visa appeals clog the Federal Circuit Court with average trial times of 18 months

-increase in temp. bridging visas granted to visa holders waiting on decisions for permanent residency applications

.the number of temp. bridging visas more than doubled to 230,000 at September 2019

Are International Students really a $32B Export Industry?


March 27 2019

International students value Australia's elite universities - in the cities. An attempt to push them to our regions may send them instead to elite universities in other Western countries.

Photo: SMH


-DFAT definition the annual $50,000 in fees and living expenses is counted as an export when only the $15,000 upfront payment should be

-a financial transfer from overseas to Australia ($15,000) for services rendered

-international students pay for their fees and living expenses via employment in Australia ($50,000)

-these overseas students are no more an export than a full-fee paying domestic student

-over the past four years a huge increase in overseas students; arrivals almost doubling to 600,000 in 2018 calendar year

-generating $32 Billion in export earnings in 2017-18

-Dept Foreign Affairs and Trade footnote (c), this $32 billion in export revenue “includes international student expenditure on tuition fees and living expenses”

-paid for by working in Australia; only comprise economic activity; working at various jobs