SERPENTZA … This Hatred of Foreigners by CHINA is unacceptable

The hatred towards foreigners in China is escalating …. Serpentza and his China tour companion begin this trip visiting the Liberty Statue Park …

KEY POINTS … Chinese emigrants are allowed to emigrate to places like America (and Australia) … and pretty much around the World both legally and illegally they are there doing so!

Recently the Chinese Government put forth an idea of making it easier for foreigners to get Permanent Residency in China!

The idea of getting a Chinese Green Card … it is b.s.

In the last 10 years only 7300 foreigners have got Permanent Residency … it sounds a lot but consider America gives out millions of Green Cards a year to people of all Nationalities.

-the 7300 includes Korean and Japanese people who have ancestoral ties to China

-white or brown foreigners significantly less

-to gain Permanent Residency you have to invest at least $2M and a whole host of other things like scientific contributions, steal State secrets …

CONTRAST that with what happens in Australia … with its Open Door Policies …

-a vast range of Temporary Visas including:

.Student, PhD Student, Significant Investor, Investor Stream, the 457 Visa rebranded, Skilled Worker, Regional Migration Visa, Guardian Visa, Family Visa, Parent, Grandparent ….

.and either through working, studying at a school or institution, or buying Australian Real Estate Temp. Visa Holders can gain a ‘Permanent Resident Visa’ with Medicare benefits!

The consequences of money laundering in Australian Real Estate and more competition for jobs from Visa Workers Australians have been disadvantaged while being called ‘Racists’


Due to the slowdown in the economy, the Coronavirus they are thinking of lowering the investment from $2M to $1.4M

-and lowering requirements for people from Africa and Latin America …

A leaked Government document revealed allowing them to marry Chinese girls; this exploded on the Chinese Internet with racism, xenophobia, discrimination and hate! With vitriol …

Yet the Chinese are allowed to go to other countries … it is this double standard … everyone else is racist … the Chinese people can’t be!

The Chinese Government is to blame – they constantly push the Nationalist nonsense of a pure race …



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