Heritage Hunters Hill V What of the Heritage of Ryde?


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CAAN Photo: Restoration of the Eden and Bega House Cottages. Was a deal done by the owner(s) of the cottages in exchange for restoration to allow the inclusion of higher density to meet Hunters Hill dwelling targets? New development is squeezed in behind the cottages.

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CAAN Photo: View of new development behind the cottages on Ryde Road, Hunters Hill (the Gladesville side of HH.) Located in the shopping strip.

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CAAN Photo: Mixed-use of shops and apartments, 3-storey development, Ryde Road, Hunters Hill

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CAAN Photo: Mixed use residential, in the shopping strip of Hunters Hill; 3- storeys

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CAAN Photo: Townhouse development of 4 dwellings on Ryde Road, Hunters Hill

There are some other similar developments here on the Gladesville side, a new Manor House and a number of walk-ups scattered along Alexandra Street, Hunters Hill, and in Woolwich.

COMPARE WITH RYDE! From 2/3 storey residential developments for Hunters Hill to 12, 20, 30, 43, possibly 63 storeys for Ryde!

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CAAN Photo: China’s Country Garden ‘Ryde Garden’ 12 – 28 storeys on top of the hill; towers over the village of North Ryde. Totally out of character; like that of precincts in Shanghai and across China.

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CAAN Photo: The bridge connecting China’s Greenland ‘Lachlan’s Line’ to the Sydney Metro. The preparation of the bridge encroached upon the Bundara Reserve. Local environment and community groups with the support of the local Mayor Jerome Laxale fought to retain Bundara Reserve, a small pocket of bushland located on the corner of Epping Road, Delhi Roads and the M2 Motorway in North Ryde. The reserve houses a protected Turpentine-Ironbark community, which is sadly a rare sight around Sydney nowadays. The park and its ecology are under threat due to all the development in the area.

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CAAN Photo: China’s Greenland ‘Lachlan’s Line’; despite much community opposition from North Ryde and beyond this Chinese real estate/developer held sway with the NSW Government. A development resembling that across Shanghai and China not Australia. To house predominantly new ‘permanent residents’.

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CAAN Photo: China’s JQZ Prime, a Precinct within itself and Icon opposite in Waterloo Road, Macquarie Park

IN 2019 it was reported that the NSW Berejiklian Government had given Hunter’s Hill a DWELLING TARGET of 150, and 300 in Mosman … in the Premier’s backyard.

In Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s electorate of Willoughby, the housing target a mere 1,250.

NOW it has been reported that Hunters Hill and Mosman are to have a 40% cut to their dwelling targets.  Does that mean as little as 70 – 130 dwellings for these Council areas?

HOW was this pulled off? 

They lobby … who could blame them for wanting to protect their beautiful Heritage, and urban bushlands?

They have the cash to splash obviously … however the rest of us have the numbers … that’s what we all should do!

But equally why shouldn’t the people of Ryde have their Heritage protected, the urban bushlands, and their local neighbourhood character … ?

AFTERALL with the high-rise tower precincts across the Ryde LGA of Top Ryde, Gladesville, North Ryde and Macquarie Park from 12 to 30 and 40 to 63 storeys! It’s already too much! Currently developers are enticing unit owners of walk-ups in the streets off Herring and Waterloo Roads to sell out for more high-rise.

High-rise residential is happening in West Ryde and Eastwood.

THEN add in the Godzillas of Meadowbank!  All roads are gridlocked …

How can NSW INC justify the Medium-Density Housing Code of the Manor House for Ryde? … and granny flats tacked on the back of the yard when builders do a reno?

When already Ryde’s housing estates have been invaded by duplex … built forward of the setback, up close to the backfence, and towering above substantial two-storey homes.

WHY should Ryde have extra new dwellings to squeeze in thousands of ‘new residents’?  We know what that means … ‘new permanent residents’ who launder ‘hot money’ in real estate to get a ‘Permanent Resident Visa’ … it’s not about housing our families locked out by low wages, Proxy buyers and ‘hot money’ …


In May 2019 the NSW Planning Department’s housing supply estimates revealed Ryde would have an extra 10,000 new dwellings by 2023 to squeeze in thousands of new residents.

A 46 per cent increase in the State Government’s housing demands for Ryde, following the previous five-year forecast to 2021 of 7600 new dwellings.


LOOKS like a ‘granny flat’ is all our families can look forward to as they are priced out by ‘Hot Money’ …

THAT’s the Population Ponzi just there …