ITs Time to Call Out CHINAs BS

WOW! SERPENTZA in this short Video covers it! CHINA has a lot to answer for!

WHY is it we give China such an easy pass?

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-China’s incredible growth; massive cities; skyscrapers; infrastructure; HSR;

-quality of life greatly improved for those in the cities

-all the infrastructure and buildings at a massive cost to the environment in China and across the globe (CO2 emissions)

70% of arable land in China contaminated; rivers too!

pollution esp. northern China so horrendous masks must be worn; all homes use air purifiers

CHINA over decades has had a detrimental impact on the rest of the World …

-China single handed has caused a massive hole in the Ozone Layer

.scientists were baffled why the Ozone Layer was not healing

.they traced the source back to the eastern coast of China where clandestine factories were using banned chemicals leading to the hole in the Ozone Layer


WHY do the Greta Thunbergs of this World refuse to point the finger to the country which is causing most harm to our planet?

WE keep applauding the massive rise, the infrastructure, raising millions out of poverty ignoring the fact the CCP is why those people were in poverty in the first place!

the majority live in the countryside or the lower tier cities at a hair’s breath above real poverty

China has completely outfished the waters off the coast of China

-the alternatives are the rest of the World; its clandestine fishing has diminished the fish stocks off South Africa …

WHY is it that China gets a free pass? Where are the Greta Thunbergs on how China is disproportionately stripping the oceans; outstripping the World oceans of its fish? It’s a take now before it’s all gone mentality

WHY is it that we give China a free pass on this?

Where have all the lions, tigers … why is it that rare endangered creatures around the World are poached?

China’s medicine is your answer! B.S.

WHAT about the current Pandemic? The exact cause has to be determined

-the spread of these pathogens are turbo boosted by the absolute lack of hygiene

.public spitting, snotting, urinating and lack of hand washing, and covering mouths when coughing or sneezing

.the wet markets where people pick and prod the meat

.the universal spread of the virus by people travelling abroad; and slipped by detection measures beggars belief

WHY are institutions like the WHO scrambling to find a way to make sure the World does not blame China?

WHERE are the Greta Thunbergs of the World on this? Mind you she probably likes the idea that the World’s Economy will take a massive hit, and that factories can’t be running! So we should not look to her!

WHERE is the outrage from the rest of the World?

Why is it that we are not pointing a finger at China, and telling the CCP to clean up its act?

CHINA is exporting environmental disaster across the planet. Africa is being disseminated; seas outfished; the planet on which we rely for survival is disproportionately under attack by one nation!

IT’s time we held them to task! Time to stop giving them a free pass on all its transgressions. Time to take a stand against the CCP, and the damage it has caused the World.

At the same time this is not a call for us to be rude or ignorant towards Chinese people

-it is the CCP we should hold to task on all its transgressions


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