The Australian Property ‘Family’ …

The Australian Property Mafia … Part 1


Photo: Harry Triguboff: The Urban Developer

On searching we found this description:

“The Don is the head of the organisation … a dictator who has the power to order anything and everything from anyone in the ‘Family’.”


Photo: The Urban Developer on Meriton entering the Melbourne market.

Harry Triguboff … could he have instigated the Property Ponzi?

THE Founder of Meriton, Australia’s most prolific apartment developer, Harry Triguboff.

When interviewed on ‘One Plus One’ by Jane Hutcheon when she enquired if Harry had a hand in the way the Sydney landscape has changed he responded:

“Well, since I am not a modest person I say I had the biggest hand in it because I devoted myself to Sydney. I did a little bit in Queensland, but absolutely I am Sydney!”

In an interview with Robert Harley from the Australian Financial Review in October 2016 Harry said he was not worried about the oversupply of apartments … ‘There will be oversupply when rents are going down … ‘Then I will bring in more migrants’. Said Mr Triguboff!


Apparently the Federal Government does not set the Migrant quotas! But the Don does!

THIS is how Harry, it seems, has been able to continue to source his client base from China and its 1.4 Billion population when interviewed by the AFR in July 2017 Harry said:

“The problem with Australians is they are very slow. They ask their lawyer, they ask their financial adviser, they ask their family, they ask everybody. The Chinese don’t ask anybody, they come off the plane, buy their unit and go.


So Harry not only runs NSW through the Urban Taskforce Australia, but through his business model in high immigration and economies of scale!


Property billionaire Lang Walker says greenfield estate areas are particularly undersupplied. Photo: Edwina Pickles


The Lieutenant is described as the second-in-command in the organisational hierarchy of the Australian Property Family … the M.fia?

His level of authority varies … is that because others too from the developer lobby groups, the Property Council of Australia, the Urban Taskforce Australia and the Urban Development Institute of Australia … are all ready to stand in for The Don (the Boss) at any given moment?

It could be that Lang is the second most powerful man in the M.fia. However, the Boss is the only one that has power and authority over the Lieutenant (the UnderBoss).

IF the Don dies (86) … normally the UnderBoss would take the reigns … but hey he doesn’t look to be far behind? Oh, he’s only 73 or 74 … all that wealth, power and authority is ageing …

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Photo: Daily Telegraph

DOES it seem that The Mob are ensuring Sydney runs out of land having driven the Librats Population Ponzi? As they promote ‘the end of the backyard‘! Their population Ponzi has fuelled the explosion of apartment precincts across Sydney … and land is expected to run out within a decade!

When billionaire developer Lang Walker talks property, everyone listens. In June 2019 Lang’s hot tip for the future … Masterplanned Communities of house and land packages … the consequence sadly … the destruction of the Koala habitat, urban fringe farmlands of the Macarthur and Wollondilly.

Lang: ‘Now those old-time big blocks have been cut into three …

Are greenfield areas (the Greenfield Housing Code allowing lots as tiny as 200M X 6M wide) under-supplied because they cannot meet the foreign demand? Cough … cough …

With China’s Country Garden developing in Wilton

And China’s Dahua in Bardia and Menangle Park

THIS SUMMER’s Bushfires have shredded core koala habitat, the campaign to protect the crucial colony west of Sydney has become even more important!

IT is up to the People of Australia to demand a stop to The Mob’s overdevelopment and destruction for their foreign buyer market … time to Lobby … it can start in your street! And spread across the Nation … there are still more of us than ‘the $uits’

WHO IS ‘THE CONSIGLIERE’ … the Advisor, or Counselor?

The Right-hand Man, is it Meriton’s General Counsel, Joseph Callaghan?

Because Joseph is very powerful in the Meriton organisation, he must be a close and trusted friend and confidant of the Family Boss, The Don, for strategic information, diplomatic counsel, and sound advice.

The Consigliere is someone who the Boss trusts and goes to for advice, counsel or information regarding the organization, operations, or businesses.

Unlike the underboss, the consigliere is chosen solely for his abilities and the amount of vast knowledge, and intelligence he possesses. Generally, only the boss and underboss have more authority than the consigliere in the property family … the m.fia …

The Consigliere is very powerful in the command hierarchy, he is the “third in command”.

THUS … a summons was filed in the Land and Environment Court of NSW against four respondents – the Premier of NSW; the Minister for Planning; Secretary for the Department of Planning & Environment and the Greater Sydney Commission.

AND a Media Release was issued!

Closing with the threat …

‘There is a bigger picture here. A thriving residential construction industry is a key indicator of the economic success of NSW, but both sides of politics seem to be in a race to the bottom when it comes to stirring up anti-development sentiment. They show no real leadership on this issue and I tell you one thing, they’re going to miss the stamp duty when it’s gone.”


THE DON … using the threat of the loss of stamp duty coffers to maintain the enormous wealth of the Property Titans (the M.fia … )as they destroy where we live … with high-rise slums or terraces as many as 10 on a 600M2 lot … meaning Millions X Sewage … as the Communists displace our Communities …