The China Vision Times writes with hubris …

AUSTRALIAN HOMES are being ‘banked‘, demolished for medium-density

IT was put about early in the term of the NSW Libs that SYDNEY WAS GROWING … we have to have higher density to meet the population growth … that this would be addressed by developing high-rise Precincts near railway stations, and on bus routes …

BUT that has not been enough … with Millions of ‘buyers’ overseas …

Former Urban Taskforce CEO, Chris Johnson in a 2018 media release reported that ‘30% of dwellings in Sydney are apartments with 14% being townhouses and 55% detached houses.

By 2024 the detached homes will have dropped to 49% and apartments grown to 34%.

In 40 years-time apartments are predicted to be 50% of Sydney’s homes with 25% as townhouses and 25% as detached houses.

WHERE have all the buyers come from? For both high-rise and urban sprawl … as our Australian Heritage and neighbourhoods are demolished for ‘Exempt and Complying Development’ … of terraces, townhouses, triplex and duplex

‘The Chinese Vision Times‘ writes:

‘ … almost 4.2 million people moved to Australia between 1945 and 1985. These people built homes inspired by their European backgrounds and contributed heavily to the aesthetic and architectural culture of Australia. Today, these post-war homes are increasingly being demolished.’

(Image: Screenshot / YouTube)

Property prices in Australia have almost rebounded back to their peak levels after falling for several months. (Image: Screenshot / YouTube)

WITH yet another surge of overseas buyers from China and Hong Kong …

NOW one reads in ‘The Chinese Vision Times‘ ‘Good Ol’ Post-War Australian Homes Face the Bulldozer. ‘ writes in its very confident way …

With such hubris

Australian’s today have no use for such big homes so they are being bulldozed.

(Image via pixabay / CC0 1.0)

Australian’s today have no use for such big homes so they are being bulldozed. (Image: via pixabay CC0 1.0)

And there have been so many beautiful Heritage and Mid-Century homes bulldozed for fugly development of duplex, townhouses and terraces now devouring where we live as more fly in … to launder their ‘hot money’ for their Permanent Residency